Why I Left EVE Online – Manufacturing is Broken


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I wrote yesterday about some tiny mistakes in the FW low sec that needs to be looked into to help with new player retention. I wrote at the end that there are big problems with manufacturing and I wanted to just share my problems.

I tried to do manufacturing and created a new alt. I did not want to mess up Eric’s Pure PVP SP so started fresh.

I wanted to find a manufacturing corp and found that most corporations will say they do it but if you speak to them in their public channels they do more missions and PVP. There will be the odd person that does it and I have found they are very secretive about it.

I stopped looking for corporations after about a week of searching and chatting and started hitting the manufacturing channel. I got more response there from the odd individual. They are 1 man bands again.

So my conclusion is that there are no EVE Online Pure 100% manufacturing corporations. If you belong to one. Please leave you corporation name in the comments because I was looking long and hard.

I struck gold when 1 person took pity on me and started a private chat. He explained that most corporations will have the odd person doing it but no real corporation out there that only focus on industry actually exists.

It’s all to do with ganking. If you make stuff and haul it to jita or where ever you want to sell it and your corporation description is all about manufacturing and industry. Your corporation is a target for merc corporations with war decs.

We only do industry means you have isk and no fight. They war dec you and ask a ransom to end the war dec. You pay and soon after you have more merc corporations and more outgoing than profits and your corporation folds.

So if you looking for a 100% industry corporation that only mines, manufactures T1 and T2 then you not going to find them.

Even if they out there. They not advertising it.

So no corporations then… how about solo manufacturing as a new player?

He said that unless you have isk behind you that you can buy BPO that has some ME and PE done to it, then it is a waste of my time and money. I would also need a POS because if I tried to make stuff in high sec with the manufacturing costs and taxes I would never ever make profits.

Players that have been playing the game for some time have Ammo and T1 frigate BPO’s with perfect ME/PE levels and have a POS.

When you buy a BPC from a BPC seller it will have some ME/PE but never the full researched one. You see they keep that one for themselves to undercut you.

You can’t use a BPO from the market. Your profits are none or a loss on almost every frigate and ammo out there in a new player’s price range.

This means you will have to buy a BPO and do ME/PE until it is perfect and hope that the BPO you bought is actually going to make you ISk by the time you start making things.

You can get an excel document with profits and by the time you have fully researched a BPO the mineral prices have shifted a bit or even the market has shifted a bit and you end up with a BPO that can do no profit.

Time, effort and isk wasted.

So what about the industrial missions.

Well the only thing you get from them is data cores that you use to build things with and again you will need to buy that BPO and skill books to build it. Get your skill level high enough to make the set item and then also realise that the older players are way ahead of you and means they can undercut you with mineral prices and because they have a POS.

  • So you can’t join a corp because there is no corporations out there that do it. If they about they in constant wardec so you PVP more than actually do industrial.
  • You can’t go solo because your knowledge is way too limited to actually understand the tricks of what to make and how to make it as cheaply as possible and you don’t have 200 mil + for a POS.
  • You can’t do Industrial missions because you only really get data cores that FW get as well.

Unfortunately as a new player to EVE Online and wanting to build things and get into manufacturing you are fucked.

If you want to make stuff at a loss. Sure go about and do what needs to be done.

Just remember that you are simply wasting your time and isk just to build something that will sit and be something to look at.

CCP does not want you to make stuff. They want you to go PVP. They want you to go join a big alliance that will make big fights and big headlines. It means new players and more profits to them and the best advice I can give new players is stay away from manufacturing.

It is broken as fuck.


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