Planting a seed


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Being naughty is fun. You get to shoot many people and have no real restrictions. I like this about piracy in New Eden. No one can tell you what to do and where to go. It is freedom.

So why have I gone into Faction War (FW)?

I am a very sociable person and love to FC. I enjoy teaching. It is something that I have noticed when writing these diaries and also playing the way I play. Kill a new player. Chat and help the person with tips and some isk. I did this so much while solo and so my thinking has been that I should just setup a place where I can do this on a mass scale.

Faction war is a means to an end in a way. If you are a pirate you have no real income unless you get good at killing and the more you kill the more you earn. This is also dependant on the loot fairy and cannot always work in your favor.

FW can make you a quick 10million+  isk in 15 minutes of plexing depending on the tier of your militia and this means that any new Alpha or any new player to PVP can make money while losing ships.

It is a much easier way to start in low sec and because you as a person is not always online, will mean that people in your corporation will have things to do. Other corporations run militia roams and so you being the constant content creator that burns out most CEO’s is not a problem.

I have taken a big plunge. I have invested some of my isk into ships and fittings to give out to new players and setup a new corporation in Amarr FW Militia.

Faith Singularity

It is nothing special but it is my corporation and I can do and run it the way I want. I wanted a place where people can come together and fly and have fun. Make some isk while pvping and then also just simply enjoy the game. It is a game and real life comes first. Can’t be online for a week because you have some work commitments. I know how this feels and in my corp you will not be looked down upon. I don’t mind but when you are online then I need you to do one thing and one thing only. Enjoy the game.

We hold no sov and no citadel so no one has to be online at any given time. Can’t make the fleet then that is fine. I want a mature place where we can all just fly together when we online and play the game.

Knowing myself I will be online most nights but I can’t dedicate 100% of my time to being in a roam all the time like before. I think that this has put me off joining corporations in the past. When you are new to a corporation, you feel like you have to be online. Not in my corp. If we all fly together once a week in a roam then that is cool with me.

I will try to take out people when I can. I will teach people when they ask and so I have just recruited an EVE University ex-tutor that felt like he was in the same place as I was. He can’t be online all the time as well but is more than happy to teach people EVE when online and run classes for new players. I am busy writing guides to help new players in FW to help us and new players and so we will slowly build the corporation. There is no rush.

I have created a public channel for people to come ask questions and just simply hang out.


We have a discord server setup for voice coms and use Team speak for any big Amarr operations.

I am creating something that will work or it will not. I will keep flying my ship solo, in a corp fleet or in militia fleet. My game does not change at all. Who I fly with does and I want to create a place that others with the same mentality can come together and just fly together and have fun.

Come say hello