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I have always thought that every pirate needs a diary of some sort. Some place where he or she can put down what has happened in their life as a pirate. There has been many legends passed on from family to family in the eve universe about how pirates always used to do this. Nobody knows why but my speculation can only come to one conclusion… They where bored.

I think you need to understand that not every pirate flies in big groups or even small groups for that matter. The pirate life for some is a very lonely life. The more in your party the more you have to share your riches when you get them and for pirates it’s all about the riches.

The more that you have the more people want to take it off you and also the more you have the more you want to have more. It’s a nice circle of riches but it all works out in the end but normally works out best for the better pirate.

I have always had only one thing that I need to do every time I undock my ship and that is to have fun. Hopefully get ransoms paid so I can keep on doing what im doing as a Pirate and also get some interesting kills and just meet up with some good people… maybe even call some friends.

I hope who ever finds this diary enjoys reading it and learns something about pirating in general.

Eric Shang
The New Pirate of Eve