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Today I have received my certification from Minmatar Advance Security training and it states “You may now rape and pillage as you see fit” well not really but in my eyes that’s what it states and I’m sticking to it.

It is a good feeling to get it. I felt proud of myself doing the missions given to me by my instructors and when they finally gave me the certification at the ceremony, I felt good and ready.

I was helping the Minmatar out to kill some new wannabe pirates. The one guy actually asked if I wanted to join him. My test to this offer was to shoot him. He lost and the fact that I won with so little knowledge of shooting things can only mean one thing. As a pirate in new Eden he and his pirate Corp must be crap at pirating. Why would I fly with such a man if I as a new pilot can actually kill him?

One thing this has sparked in me was the desire to be a pirate even more. I want to be the person that If I jump in a system or just relaxing with friends (I use this term loosely – don’t trust anybody as a pirate) that the people are immediately on guard. Strike fear in them when they see my name.

So with my certification of killing I set off to learn from the best. My next goal is to find pirates and prove my worth.