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So there I am looking forward to joining The Bastards and my hopes are high. I have done my research and this is the corp for me.

I joined their public channel they have for pilots to come and chat with them and also a place where old friends and fellow pirates can hang out and chat. The channel if you are interested is “Dbastards”.

I see they have some information pop up automatically and to my surprise they are recruiting for The Bastards. I must say that when I saw this my heart went into over drive I was semi giddy bouncing in my pod. I’m going to be a real Bastard… a Pirate!

I read on and it states experienced pilots only. My heart sunk. The only Pirate corp that I want to join is recruiting but only experienced pilots.

Now I have heard from many how this is normally the case and I kind of was expecting it because of this but there was always hope that I could maybe get in.

I was at a low point I can honestly tell you. I want to be a pirate, a Bastard.

Funny thing is that a person greets me in the channel. Johnny Twelvebore is the guys name and he seems like a really nice guy.

He explains that if I read on that there is recruitment for newer pilots wanting to join The Bastards going on at the moment. You start off in a corp called Meatshield Bastards (The Meatshield) which he runs, and if you can prove yourself to the Elite guys you may be asked to join The bastards.

Now my heart is beating like a freight train and I’m giddy again and bouncing again. This man saved the day and I thank him for being active on the day I arrived in their channel.

We spoke for some time in the channel and I actually spoke to the guy in charge of The Bastards a guy called Anabaric. They seem like a really nice bunch of Pirates and tell me to come join them on one of their open roams* before joining The Meatshield.

They give me some tips on skills that I need to work on to be a better pilot and a better pirate. I take their advice and start training so that I could be the best pilot I could be on the open roam, I want to impress them. I want to be a Bastard.

*Open roams are Mondays – Join the channel “Dbastards” to see what you need to bring with you and where to meet up – You get to fly with them and test out if the corp is the fit for you and they get to see who you are as a pilot.