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It’s finally here. It’s finally time for the open roam.

“Dbastards” is normally full with pilots but today was a bit different. I normally see about 20 or more pirates in there but today there are only 5 – 7 pirates. It is a bit quite on the chat side of things and maybe it’s just one of those days where pirates have a break day from the killing going on every other day.

I connect to the Bastards Communication network (Comms is what they call it) they have set up for the open roam and find only 3 people in communication. I’m starting to get the feeling that the open roam might not happen today and it will mean another week of waiting.

Lucky for me the one pilot on the comms is a pilot known as RoninData. If you do your research like I do then you will know that when The Bastards started, RoninData was there right from the start. So to actually get to talk with one of the founders is like the Holy Grail for a young aspiring pirate. He must have seen it all and done it all, so who better to learn to fly with than him.

I talk to Ronin as he likes to be called and ask if the open roam would still happen? He states it is very quiet today for some reason but that if I could give him a little time that he would take me out on a roam himself. What fly with a real Bastard the first time?

Now I must explain that when I spoke to Johnny and Anabaric and they explained that I have to fly with The Meatshield first to then be accepted into The Bastards at a later date. I actually thought that I am only going to fly with The Meatshield and would not get close to or even fleet up with any of The Bastards for a long time. When I get told that I’m going to fly with one of The Bastards members and that one of the founders of the corp was going to be the person taking me out and teaching me to be a killing machine would only be rated as one of the best days in this young pirates life.

I gave the pirate some time to sort out some things that he needed to sort out and while he does this the other pirate named Sarcos who is part of Meatshield starts talking to us and finds out what ships we need to take out. I stated that I only have a Tier 1 frigate and Sarcos states that he will bring the same. He wants to tryout a Tristan which is a Gallente Tier 1 Frigate he has fitted. We have a bit of a chat and he seems like a very nice guy. Ronin every now and again gives us an update as to how long things will take but eventually Ronin invites Sarcos and myself to fleet. Ronin does not have a ship ready but asks Sarcos for his fit as it seems like a good fitting for the Tristan Frigate and gets a Tristan fitted the same as Sarcos.

We get the order to undock and Ronin lets us know to give him another 5 minutes as something just came up. He says to look for some targets in the local system we in and to let him know on comms when we find something.

Now I am going mental at this stage I just want to prove that I can be a bastard and start looking on my scanner to find anything to shoot.

To my luck I find a Jaguar and try to find this ship narrowing down my scan degree to the point of 5 degrees.(I have been told to do this when scanning by the pilots in dbastard a couple of times) The person is in an Asteroid Belt (Belt). I was told never to warp to zero on anything unless told to by a Fleet Commander (FC) and I inform Sarcos and Ronin that I might have a target in a belt. Ronin says “go fetch them and see if they want to fight”. I warp to 30km to the belt and see that the Jaguar is at zero the pilot of the Jaguar is named Fluffy Fly’s. That tip for never warping to zero saved my ship so it’s a good tip I tell myself.

The Jaguar starts to approach me and with all this excitement I am not sure what to do so get cold space feet and warp out. Ronin asks what the pilot is doing and I said I had to warp out. He asks if I could catch her and then Sarcos and himself would warp in and help me fight the Jaguar.

The Jaguar is a Tier 2 Minmatar Frigate and looks the same as the Rifter that I am flying but it would eat me for breakfast if I had to try 1 versus 1 (Solo) fight it I get told.

I have to prove my worth if I ever want to be a bastard and tell myself to man up. You are a pirate and you run away? Pirates never run away. YARRRR!!! I say to myself and warp at zero. I am fit for close range damage and want to be right next to the Jaguar to do the most damage.

I land at zero and now the Jaguar is at 30km. So I went where she was and she is now where I landed the first time. I’m not warping out this time I tell myself and approach the Jaguar. I get into 24km range target the Jaguar. This also tells the Jaguar pilot that I mean business and I want to fight.

The Jaguar pilot wants to fight as well and starts to approach me and starts to fire its guns. I get as close as 8km to it and start activating my warp scrambler, my webifier , my guns and my one rocket launcher. I give Ronin and Sarcos the call that I have her scramed (Pointed) I’m doing damage but not as much as the Jaguar. Its eating my shields like its cookies and the jaguar is the cookie monster that has been on hunger strike. I switch on my armour repairer (Armour repper) as soon as I get into armour and this helps me for a little bit but the Jaguar is a hungry Cookie monster and down goes my armour but not as fast as my shields. I hold the jaguar as long as I can and finally like the Hero he and Sarcos are they land right next to me and get point on the Jaguar. I go down in a blaze of explosion and I get my pod out safely (another trick I got told by the pilots in dbastards). Sarcos almost ends up losing his Tristan but with the two Tristan’s and my tiny bit of damage done on the Jaguar it finally goes down.

We look at the killmail that Ronin gets and I am on it. Me, Eric Shang, I am finally on a kill mail of my own. It cost me a ship but I don’t care. I am now a killer. I am a pirate.