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It’s been a couple of days since my first kill and I think I have gained a little bit of respect from Ronin. The fact that I was only 5 days into my New Eden Pirate career and that I was willing to just go in and attack the Jaguar is apparently not something that happens every day. Some pilots never engage in combat and some only do when they much more skilled and have some group fights under their belt according to pilots in Dbastards.

He has introduced me to some of the other pilots on comms as the “New Guy with Balls”. It’s a title I will wear with pride.

I have had to replace the Rifter I lost and have been doing missions as much as I can. I have had a bit of luck by doing missions. When doing missions it sends you through systems and it looks like sometimes a big fight will happen around a set gate in the system because there are wrecks everywhere. I usually keep my eye on the DScanner (The Ship Scanner) and if no gate fire (the star gate being activated from the other side) then I will have a quick look in the wrecks left behind.

Most of the time you find nothing special but every now and again I find the odd Tech 2 Item worth 500k + and it basically means I can make money from doing nothing really but flying around. It’s a nice bonus to the missions and as my Rifter only costs under 5 million ISK (New Eden Money Currency) I can quickly replace it if I am lucky.

I have swapped my Rifter which is now used for doing missions for something a bit kite orientated (Distance and Speed).

The Breacher (Minmatar), the Atron (Gallente), Condor (Caldari) or even the Executioner (Amarr) has been mentioned to me in Dbastards channel. I am Minmatar so the Breacher was the first choice.

I wanted something that’s fast and can orbit a distance away while I slowly kill the target if I ever choose to go solo hunting. I could also hold the pilot pointed while I call in support if I am in a fleet with the guys and girls from The Bastards and Meatshield Bastards. It makes sense to me to do this because I am new to the pirate life and the pilots out there with more skill then I have will brawl (Close range guns and tank orientated) me to death like the Jaguar did. So distance and speed is my friend for the time being.

This means I have to change the way I fly and pick my targets carefully. It means I have to never stop moving and because speed is my friend, I need to make sure that I don’t attack ships that are faster than myself or try to catch people who can shoot from far away (Snipers).

This is going to be an interesting ship to fly and I have practiced on those pesky wannabe pirates that roam in the belts. I hope I am ready for the next open roam with this ship. Its different but its exciting.