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I join The Bastards comms as I do just to see if anybody is active. It’s a great way to learn things by just listening to others when they talk about piloting ships. You learn tricks and tips and if any questions might arise that you have, it’s the best place to ask it.

Ronin wants to kill things is apparent. He is making funny remarks on just about everything and everyone possible but the border line is that he wants to go out and find things to shoot at.  I have learned that to be a pirate you must have thick skin and with Ronin and The Bastards you must have skin of steel. They do this because they care about you and it’s a test to see if you will last in The Bastards and as a pirate in general. I love this about them because it means that the people who are in The Bastards want to be there. I want to be there and I feel surer every day with just talking to the people on comms and in Dbastards channel that this is now the place for me.

So Ronin states that he will FC the fights and wants to know who is coming with. I do not say anything because well in my mind I am not in The Meatshield and I am not in The Bastards, so open roam days is where I belong for the time being.

I get firmly instructed to join the fleet by Ronin and get asked why I am not in fleet all ready. I explain myself and he laughs and states that “open roams are there for people to just put their toes in the water and if I wanted to fly with them I can“.

I’m super excited again because last time it meant I got a kill. I’m hoping for another one. I have been practicing on those pesky belt rats (this is what they call the wannabe pirates in the belt) when to start targeting, orbit range (distance from enemy pilots) and when I can apply my point so they can’t fly away.

We undock myself in my Rifter (I was asked to bring it so I did), Ronin in a cruiser of some sort and I am flying with two new pilots I have not flown with before: JManZA in a Zealot (Amarr Tier 2 Cruiser) and another pilot called Juchi Ju who is in a Stabber Fleet Issue (Minmatar Navy issue Cruiser). They both seem like very nice guys. JmanZA is the more talkative of the two and seems to know Ronin well.

We get a destination from Ronin and set the destination to the system called Evati. We jump from system to system looking for things to kill.

With them being in cruisers it means that we limited as to what Faction Warfare sites we can go into so we have to be selective of what we can shoot. We soon have more people coming on comms like Anabaric and Johnny Twelvebore wanting to join us while we flying to the system and they jump in ships and try to catch up to us. We get to a system called Aeditide and we about to jump to the next system when there is gate activation. None of us activated it so it must be a pilot jumping into us and it is. The pilot is Kahvegi.

The person holds his cloak and holding it for some time (you get 1 minute cloak after jumping gates or until you move your ship). This can only mean one of two things. 1) the person is sizing us up to fight us (Do I run or do I fight?) and 2) the person has something worth allot and is trying to figure out what best to do next to try to not get killed and in return give us the thing they have.

Now I am trigger happy again orbiting the gate at 1000m as I have to do because I need to keep my speed up (no speed = dead frigate). I am ready for anything to uncloak. I am sitting on the edge of my seat staring out of my cockpit – I’m ready. Just uncloak you idiot I think to myself.

To our luck the pilot is thinking number 1 because he is a pirate himself. We are 2 cruisers and a frigate. We have friends on route to us but he does not know this and Ronnin is one jump behind us so for him it must have been good odds.

He uncloaks in a Talos (Tier 3 Gallente Battlecruiser) and starts burning away from us as fast as he can.

As soon as that ship uncloaks I hit my targeting system and point him. I tell Ronnin I have pointed him and in my head it was game on and I start shooting and going through my motions step by step just like I practised on those pesky belt rats. But this guy is fast. I have a long point so it means he can still use a micro warp drive (this makes your ship go from 500 meters a second to 2500ms) if he has one and he does. He starts to burn away and lucky for me I notice this very early and hit approach and we both going in a straight line as fast as we can.

Now if he wanted to he could have killed me instantly. Even though I am moving he should be easily able to shoot me because we both in a straight line. Lucky for me Juchi Ju is on him with his stabber and the pirate seems to want the stabber kill rather than the rifter pointing him. Juchi also has point but has the same point as me so there is no stopping this guy.

He must be able to overheat his modules because his speed goes from 2500ms to 3500ms+ and I hold on as long as I can. My ship is only doing 1500ms and I’m about to lose my point when Jman who has been flying like a real maniac gets point on him SCRAMMED!! Jman shouts (Warp Srambler is a point that switches off micro warp drives but you have to be within a 8km range of your target ).

His ship goes from 3500ms to 400ms instantly and he is now just sitting there awaiting his doom. We shoot him and slowly taking him down. He explodes and I try to get his pod. He is too fast for me.

We tell him that it was a good fight in the local chat. He agrees and gives us a GF (good fight) back. He is an honourable pilot that can acknowledge that we were just better than he was on that day. I did end up getting a crow kill with Anabarics’s help later in the roam with Anabaric coming to my rescue.

I just wanted to give a MASSIVE shout out to JmanZA and Anabaric. You made the day for me. Without JmanZA being there I think we would not have had that Talos kill and that Crow would have eaten me alive like the Jaguar did if it was not for Anabaric’s help.