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I am on a high at the moment. I have lost 1 rifter to that pesky Jaguar and I have 4 kills under my belt: Jaguar, Talos, a Reaper and the Crow.

I have been practicing with my breacher on the rats in the belt and can fit a MWD (Micro Warp Drive) on it now. This means I can go 2500ms. It’s fast but paper-thin so speed is my friend and I have realized that standing still should never happen.

I want to try this solo thing. I know that I will lose my ship and have been told by many that “when you undock your ship it’s a kill mail waiting to happen”. This does not mean I am a bad pilot but things can go very well one minute and then bad the next. This happens to even the best of pilots in New Eden so it’s kind of a motto that all pirates live by. If it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me.

Another one I have been told is “only fly what you can afford to replace”.

So I have run missions to my heart’s content and have found some more wrecks at the gates again and have enough to replace my breacher.

I now have two breacher’s in station with me. The one I am training with for pvp in the belts and the one I have if I lose it.

Today I lose this breacher.

I set myself a goal that I will go on a roam by myself. I have seen what the elite guys do while in fleet with them and will just mimic them but be by myself.

I know I have to keep my distance from my training with the belt rats so will have to find targets that are normally brawler fit. I ask in Dbastards what frigates would normally be brawler fit to kind of narrow down my targets that I should engage and names just start flying to me in chat. I have my list. I have my ship. I am ready.

I set a destination for a place called Aset. It looks to be connected by 7 or so systems in a circle formation so once you there you can basically go look for people in that circle and hope you find a target.

I’m in a T1 frigate so will only fight T1 frigates and I am not going back home until I get a solo kill or I lose my ship.

I fly system to system and look for targets using my Dscanner and I find some T1 Frigates in novice plexes (Faction Warfare Mission Hubs that will only allow T1 Frigates in them) but they seem to be brawlers or they seem to be kiters like myself.

I can’t go into the plexes if it’s a brawler because they will wait at zero and it will be the Jaguar all over again. I can’t go into the plex with the kite ship because he will be doing what I want to do and might be faster than I am and more skilled so will mean I will lose my ship as well.

I know I want to lose my ship but I am not just going to hand it to the other pilots on a plate. I want the solo kill more. So keep on system to system until I reach Aset.

I start going through the systems and find nothing but empty systems or if there is someone in system they are docked up or in a T2 Frigate waiting for someone like myself to try and see if I was silly enough to fight them… I’m not so move on system to system again.

I’m thinking about moving on with my roam as I have jumped into the systems a couple of times when I jump into Eytjangard. I hit my Dscan and I see a pilot with the name of Gordon Arjar in system with me. It’s just the two of us and I spot a venture on my scanner. “What the hell is a venture” I ask on comms and get told it’s a mining frigate. Mining! In a low security system. I look at the pilots age and he is about as young as I am so very new. I scan him down to the novice. I warp in and activate the gate.

My hands are shaking like mad and I am semi panting from holding my breath and taking in small lungs of air. I land and he is at 14km away from me. My point is 24km. I can get him. I target and point and start to fire away. I hit my orbit button and my orbit starts and the shields go down like they butter. YARRR!!! I tell myself. I hit scan again. There is nobody in system but the two of us but I am making 100% sure nothing is getting this kill but me.

The armour is half, three quarters, structure, BOOM! The pilots pod zooms away. Dam it. I wanted to get that.

I scoop my loot from the wreck and warp to a planet. I make a safe spot (a place of safety) in mid warp (Something I was shown to do) I sit there in my safe spot slightly stunned.  I totally forgot to say GF but then I am sure he would not have thought it was a good fight so I don’t care too much about it. What I do care about is…

… I got my first solo kill.