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I have never been a believer of Karma but somehow I do now.

I wanted to get a solo kill or lose my ship in the process and guess what… both happened.

After my kill of the venture I fly home with my head held high and pride beaming out of me. Jump into Egmar and hit the Dscanner and find another venture on Scan. What? Another juicy person mining just for me?

Call it Karma but I lost the breacher to a venture. The pilot was imnothuman and fit it for brawling. You guessed it, Jaguar all over again.

So Karma if you out there – I hate you.

I went from happy to sad in no time but I guess it just shows you that luck and patience has everything to do with getting kills.

I can honestly say it was also my fault because I normally look up everybody in local to see their age and what ships they fly before engaging in any type of combat.

I think it’s just the name of the ship Venture that made me forget about what I normally do and go go go! I am sure this is why the pilot uses that ship. Surprise attack.

I got back to station in my pod to find the guys just looking for kills in the local system. It’s been a bit busy lately and this means you don’t have to go far out to get kills.

I got praise about the venture kill but what I really like about the guys and girls on comms from The Bastards was that when I showed them my loss to the venture they gave me the best feedback any group of pirates could have done.

Laugh at me.

Now I know what you thinking that it is pretty harsh right? Well yes it is but they also make fun of the situation to make sure you laugh at yourself. So in no time of them slacking me off about it did I actually feel ok about it. I found it quite funny in fact. Like I said “Skin of Steel”.

After this I was asked by Marco Drack who is a director of The Bastards why I am not in Meatshield and I explained that I have not been asked to join. I wanted to gain their respect first and not just apply to the corp and hope for the best. I wanted to know that they wanted me to be there just as much as I wanted to be there.

I was told to put in an application and not long after it got accepted.

I’m now officially in Meatshield Bastards and I am a happy pirate once again.

Meatshield Bastards are still recruiting so if you interested in flying with me or just joining an amazing bunch of people please join “Dbastards” channel. There is always people in there to help you.