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I have been in Meatshield now for 2 days and one of the things I think any new pirate thinks about even myself is how to fund my career. I have been doing missions and looting the odd wreck and this works when you have to only replace a frigate class ship.

Lord LazyGhost one of our pirates currently taking a bit of a holiday in wormhole space is on comms and by the sound of things is worth billions. So with that in mind and as I am new to this life in New Eden I ask the fundamental question:

“How did you make that much money?”

His response surprised me a bit, he said:

Don’t let ISK be your goal as a pilot. Just do what you enjoy doing and the ISK will come to you.

Now I know what you thinking. What a load of bullshit answer was that but if you think about it a bit more it makes sense.

If you look at the people in New Eden that have billions of ISK then you will most likely find that they doing something they enjoy doing.

This can be Mining, Manufacturing, Trade, Transport (Logistics), Missions, Pirating (Pay your ransoms) or even scamming.

Yes everyone wants to make 2 billion a month but nobody thinks about the time the person has taken to build up their operation to get to that point.

Some people make 2 billion a day in doing trades I have heard and you want to do the same from day one. Well that’s not how it works. The person making 2 billion a day has been trading for 3 years or more and knows all the ins and outs to it where you don’t. They make that much not because they want to but because they enjoy doing it and because they enjoy doing it, they have become quite good at it.

These people started small. Small profits and the profits grew and grew and in time they get to the point of making the 2 billion. They still started small and so should you.

Don’t let ISK be your goal as a pilot. Just do what you enjoy doing and the ISK will come to you.

So for me it’s a pirate’s life. I am going to be poor for some time but if I keep on doing what I am doing then well I should hopefully make money (Pay your ransoms). If not, then at least I have enjoyed my life as a pirate and at the end of the day that’s what is most important to me.

I hope this helps any new pilots out there thinking about what career to take to in New Eden.

Have fun you only live once right? – that is until I catch your pod and you don’t pay ransoms. (Pay your ransoms)