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I have not been in a wormhole before but when someone comes on comms and says I have a Tengu (T3 Caldari Cruiser) on scan in a wormhole it’s almost as if you holding doggie treats out in front of your now starving dog. Foamy mouths and the phrases of “get him, get him” start to get mentioned over comms by many.

Now don’t get me wrong. Our home system is busy. We have been killing a lot of people looking at our recorded kill board so it’s not really the kill we after but more the fact that we can make this persons day just that little bit sour.

We re-ship into cruisers and get warped to a wormhole entrance. I have not seen one of these before and can now tell you it’s a thing of beauty. Space has collapsed and looks like a water swirling into a plug but at the same time it’s not swirling. If you have not seen this before then you need to and ask people to show you one.

We get updates from the person inside and try to narrow down the pilot with probes. Every time the person gets close the Tengu cloaks or warps away. This pilot is on to us but off course they don’t know what we have. So we keep searching.

I get instructed by Johnny to jump in and see what’s on the other side. I have done the gate activation many times now so was expecting the same but this is different. You just fade in and fade out the other side like you flying through a thick part of space. Goo like even. I arrive on the other side to find nothing and just wait.

I have never been in a wormhole so it’s a bit different inside. There is no local communication so you can’t tell who is in your system. Confused I ask “how you know if people are in here?” and got a response of “you don’t”. You have to scan people out with probes and use dscanner allot. I get asked to hit my dscanner. I find a sabre on short scan.

I inform Johnny about it and he says to get ready. Now I don’t know what a sabre is and before I can ask the thing lands on me. I don’t think and just start shooting and point the thing. My ship is still a breacher so try to get distance but the sabre is at zero and so am I so its breacher death number 2 today I tell myself which is bad because I just replaced this one.

I call point and try to burn away as fast as I can and by now my ship is half armour but lucky for me Johnny sent in the big boys and they are shooting the sabre pilot. He was in armour fast so jumped through to low sec where we had more people waiting for him. He hit me so fast I forgot to apply my shield reps and do so while I wait for him to get killed on the other side. But he is holding cloak (Works the same as the gates). In my excitement I jump into low sec as I want to be on the sabre kill (Jumping gates and now wormholes resets the people on your kill mail).

I jump in and approach the wormhole entrance to find as I uncloak that the sabre pilot burns for the wormhole and jumps through again. I try to follow but can’t. The sabre gets away because Johnny was relying on me to catch him on the inside and because I jumped into low sec and I am not in the wormhole. There are only cruisers in the Wormhole and the sabre is to fast so warps away.

I have learned a valuable lesson today. Listen to your FC. He knows more about the game and what’s going on around you. You doing your own thing means that in the future the FC will not trust you. So Listen to your FC.

I could not jump through the wormhole because if you jump through you can get what is called polarised (not sure on the spelling) and means you can’t jump for some time.

Sabre is a Tech 2 Destroyer and it can apparently launch bubbles in space to catch or hold people in space, basically a massive bubble where you can’t warp anywhere. They can only be used in Null sec and I want to see one so might go have a look at some point.