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So today was busy. We killed loads 15 for 3 was my kill ratio. Granted this was mostly in fleet but I did get a second Solo kill in the process just due to the fleet taking too long and me just killing the person to fast. YARRR!!!

I was killing all day and when night came we got a surprise visit by some of The Bastards very old members. These guys have flown with the bastards before a long time ago and have been nagged to come back by Ronin, Johnny and Anabaric as Ronnin puts it “We have gone back to the old ways of the bastards”.

They have recently left another Alliance to form their own and by the sounds of things has been the best move that could have happened for the guys as it just means they and I can focus on having fun and flying what we want with who we want.

With all these veterans in comms Ronin proposes a competition as to who can bling fit a frigate with the juiciest of modules. We had some freaking amazing fits with some ships having just dead space modules on it, but the winner went to a bomber worth 750 Million ISK. The prize for this was 10 Million ISK.

One of the old veterans that joined us Jedziah on the day put up another prize for when we went out in the fleet of bling, a Thanatos (Gallente Carrier). Jed said the person that got the first kill mail would get the ship or the ISK Equivalent so it was a mad scramble to get on any ship pointed or found to be shot.

I was making a joke and asked “Can I FC the fleet?” to Ronin’s Answer of “yes you can“. I was made FC of a fleet worth in the excess of 7 Billion ISK and can honestly say I had a bit of a nervous twitch every time we found something to shoot. Lucky for me Ronin took over when the fighting started to call prime targets but we flew the route I set for us and it was very exciting stuff. I definitely want to try this more. I was thinking maybe a new player roam of people the same level as me so I don’t feel bad if they lose ships.

We did reship to cruisers later on in the evening and took on a 25 pilot strong Fweddit Fleet that where in frigates and destroyers. I think we lost 1 Cruiser and they got slaughtered.  We were only 10 cruisers I think so not bad.

I am definitely settling into Meatshield now and I am starting to find my way around low sec with my solo hunting.