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I am a spoiled brat.

I have only flown with Fc’s from the Bastards and can honestly say that I have been spoiled by them for their great knowledge as Fc’s and also just the calmness in their clear direction that results in us ether going down in a blaze of glory or killing things with minimal losses. You can’t win every fight right.

So I get on comms and there is a new pilot on comms that wants to take out his friend and show his friend what New Eden pvp has to offer. Now I don’t know what made me join this but I thought the pilot has been a pilot in space for some time and they should know the ins and outs of piloting ships and more to the point FC well.

Unfortunately this was not the case. The person was very edgy on everything. Jumping gates or searching for a target in system to find local spike by 3 people and the person would stop everything and ask us to bounce planets. “Why would we need to do this?” I kept on asking myself. We in frigates and we fast so we could easy get away.

The pilot did not know the systems. I have been doing my solo rounds for some time and have gotten a nice route I follow but most importantly I have learned the systems I hunt in. The FC normally will choose a destination on their knowledge of the systems and this one did not. We flew around system to system being chased by pilots and because I knew the systems better than he did had to direct him where to go to try to out sneak them.

I think the biggest problem I had with this person was the fact that I did not feel safe with this person. I did not trust him with my ship and the fact that he was edgy on everything he did was not helping.

We got into an engagement but when we landed he said nothing because there where destroyers and we where in frigates. I know we where going to go down in a blaze of fire but we where landing so start giving orders. Fly away or pick something and start shooting at it. Doing noting is not an option in that scenario.

I had to even start calling targets as I felt we where just sitting there getting killed. It propably was not the correct targets but at least I did something. We got some kills but all our ships were lost. This has proven a point to me that having a good FC in any battle is key.

This person has been a pilot for some time and maybe had a bad day. If so then they should never have taken us out on a roam. I have heard Ronin even say that he is not feeling up to it today so someone els will then do it.

I want to be like Ronin, Johnny, Anabaric and TFS Tibbs. I want to be a FC and maybe I wont be great at the start but at least I know what not to do.

Have you noticed anything bad about FC’s? Let me know below in the comments section. It will help me improve as a future FC.