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I have been looking for more and more solo kills. I think it’s like a drug addiction. Once you get the taste for it you want more of it. The rush of the solo kill is just so much more than when in fleet. I am not saying that flying in fleet is any worse but there is something about pilot versus pilot that just excites me.

I have gotten a solo kill with the Venture, I got the Atron and I finally got a real solo fight. I know the other where solo but if you look at their fittings it was never a real fair fight. I wanted a real solo fight and got one with a Rifter.

I was ballsy and I know you should never activate a gate on a brawler ship due to me kiting. It was a system with 2 more people in it and the Rifter was ether a new player or a very old pilot. I took the plunge and it turned out to be the new player.

Normally a Rifter is fit 2 ways and will be brawler (Armour and Scram) or Kite (Shield with Disruptor). The pilot went for a kite fit. So it was kite pilot versus kite pilot.

The pilot had more time behind the cockpit then I did but not by much so it was a real 1v1.

I landed at zero and the pilot was at 20km. Perfect kite orbit and as soon as I landed got targeted and shot at. Lucky for me I did the same.

I can honestly tell you that I was a nervous wreck sitting there him hitting me and me hitting him. Blow by blow we went at it. I could tell that it was going to be a real close match so I was just hoping for the best.

When we started the pilot was slightly ahead with dps but by the time we both hit armour I think the pilot must have freaked out a bit because he tried to burn away from me. I noticed this early and just hit approach.

This was very risky on my part. I was losing the fight but because the pilot was wanting to get away and I was not going to allow this to happen, we both flew in a straight line in a direction. This means no orbit and just pure damage from both of us to each other. I was prepared to die for this kill but dying on my terms and not his and I think that this pilot did not want to die.

He must have changed direction or hit orbit but his damage went down and because of this I won the fight instead of him.

Gf’s was given in local chat.

I was losing all the way through the fight but because I was so stubborn about the fight and not wanting to give up until the end meant I won. It’s because he hesitated and wanted to get out that he lost.

Commit 100% to the fight even if you see you losing it. You never know…

…you might win at the end.