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It’s been pretty quiet for me and I have lost some ships to gate guns because I am still new to the low sec life style and you sometimes just forget things.

One of the things I don’t get is if I am in fleet with The Bastards even though they in my alliance and they are play fighting or testing things outside station as a Meatshield member I can’t join in with the fun they having. We’ll let me rephrase that to I can join in but my frigate goes POP.

I found this out twice in a 2 day period of each other. The sad thing is that if you look at my killboard it looks like the bastards are shooting me to death. This is not the case. When you in fleet and someone asks everybody on comms to shoot at them to test their tank of their ship and everybody in fleet is shooting him but they happen to be in the same corp and I am in a different one guess who gets the short end of the stick.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not the loss I am irritated about it’s just that we in the same alliance and I can understand why they have put that mechanic in but on the other side of the coin it’s a bit stupid if you ask me.

The second loss was to gate guns but this was my stupidity for not remembering what had happened only a day ago.

I have been doing a little less solo as our home system is busy so everybody seems to be shooting other pilots in system. I have lost some more ships to that because as a meat you have to go and spring traps or catch people but sometimes it just does not work out for you and you die.

We did happen to get a Caracal and it was a really tough kill because the thing was so fast that even I struggled to keep up with him doing 2500km.

We got word of a Hulk (Tier 2 Mining Barge) near our home and we thought as I have not ever ganked anything in high sec that it would be the perfect target to train on. We got into destroyers and warped to him but by the time I landed the Hulk was a wreck and the pod warped out. Damit!! No ganking for me today.

We planning a bit of a High sec gank roam so I can get my sec status below -5.0 its currently at -3.1 so not long to go and I am looking forward to this.

It’s just been one of those weeks where you try to do things and normally you on the ball but this week you just not.

Here is hoping next week is better.