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I have started a new job at a different company so my last week was one of those no go near spaceship cockpit week.

I did log in to start some skill training as you do and found that our “Gank and Spank Week of DOOM” was going well. We setup in a system and the veterans went bat crazy shooting the high sec mission runners until they cried tears.

Ronin even took on a Navy Raven (Caldari Faction Battleship) Solo but lost due to CONCORD (High Sec Ninjas) deciding that Ronin’s awesomeness was just way too much for the system we in and blew him up. He was going solo because we got fleet warped to our scout but the only person that landed on the scout was Ronin and the rest of us landed at 99km away. We still to this day don’t understand how that happened but for the time Ronin was the man. His time as the man was short however.

We got word that there was a pilot in a Kronos (Tier 2 Gallente Battleship) in system with us and this time warped and landed at zero. He melted like butter.

It was a very juicy kill. We even got the pod.(Good catch Zimzat)

That was my week for last week while I settled into my new role so should be back to normal next week.