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It’s Monday and its open roam time. We have three new pilots wanting to try the life of piracy with us and Johnny is complaining about the fact that he has to do all the work again. It’s more of a playful complaint because I think he actually loves it.

We about 10 people in fleet with a mixture of 5 vets, myself, eito sec’undo (my Meatshield wingman) and the 3 new pirate try outs.

We set destination to Evati. The Bastards know this system backwards due to them living there for some time so it a popular hunting ground. Well we did not make Evati until a very later time.

We got stuck in Egmar. I mean we got stuck in Egmar as we were just getting kill after kill and why leave when silly people jump into system trying to play hunter, when in fact they were being hunted.

The fact that the new pilots and I are so young must have helped as they were engaging us all night long. I lost 2 breachers worth 8 million ISK total in the night but we killed so many ships that if I had to look at the ISK war I think I would be shocked. We popped a Federation Navy Comet (Gallente Navy Frigate) worth near 100 Million. This thing was a beast to kill and took 8 frigates to take down but still worth it.

We took on an Ishtar which was very risky because of his drones. I was the hero tank that stayed until I popped to try to get him not to shoot my fellow fleet mates and this seemed to work as we got the kill.

I hope the new pilots enjoyed there first ever open roam as much as I did. I hope to see them back with us soon.

It was an amazing night of just having fun in frigates and just shows you don’t need to spend loads of money to have fun as a pilot.

You need a good FC, Good Friends and a drive to try anything.

On a side note: With this amazing night of death I am now officially -5.2