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If you want a solo fight then sure its easy. You jump into low sec and fly to a FW beacon and if their is someone in there then you have a fight.

Getting a solo kill on the other hand is very hard when you are a new pilot.

You going against the other pilot who is more skilled than you are and they have more losses than you have. Losses I think are good for newer pilots like myself. I hate them as much as any new pilot hates them but I try to learn something from each one so I take it as a learning curve to being a better pilot in the future.

It is really hard to judge losses when you new. Is this loss because I made a mistake? Is it because they had more skill points than I did and could do more damage then me faster or fly their ship better?

I think as an older pilot you have less of these questions and means you can just focus on pilot vs pilot more and also ship vs ship.

I am looking forward to this time in my pilot career but untill then I will try my best to win every fight I get solo and hopefully learn more from my fellow veterans and opponents.

Hope to see you soon.

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