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I am on comms and it’s dead. It is me, myself and I and we having a fantastic time talking to each other.

I think people must have been all pirated out by the weekend. It was a busy week by the look of the killboard.

I figure its solo roaming time. YAY!!

Trusty breacher and I are on the hunt so away we go.

I jump one jump to find on the dscanner a Burst (Minmatar T1 Frigate) in a novice. Excellent!!

I jump in and get point and start my killing “Mu ha ha ha ha“, but this bugger is not dying. I hit through his shields fast and then hit his armour and I am doing my normal damage but this little ship seems to have a massive buffer tank.

I smell a trap!

I hit dscanner and low and behold a Dramiel (Pirate Faction Frigate)on short scan. This is way too coincidental to be another pilot so I warp out and as I do the Dramiel pilot lands. I check the Burst pilots losses about 5 min later to see if he lost the ship to the Dramiel and it’s confirmed. That alt was the bait. Sneaky bugger.

I go search for more targets and jump another 2 systems. BOOM! I am in a pod and have to warp away. What the hell just happened? There were some ships on the gate but my breacher is normally too quick for them to even target me. Not this time. Instant lock group of pilots and because I am flashy red they get no gate guns. I see why -5 is not always a good thing.

I fly back and reship to find more people coming on comms and we decide to go out for a group roam.

We get some good kills


Later I Scanned down the same Burst pilot and found the same pilot as before in the Dramiel but this time in a Imperial Navy Slicer (Amarr Navy Frigate). I can’t beat a dramiel but a navy slicer im willing to take on. I had not solo pvped one before so why not.

I found out early that the Slicer is so much faster than me so to actually solo fight him was a bit of a lost cause but put up as much of a fight as I could. I was a bit silly and made a tiny mistake which meant I lost my speed and orbit tank. He won but I did learn that I could solo the Slicer. If I can get more dps down fast enough to catch them off guard before they turn around and warp or burn away.