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TFS Tibbs has been teaching me how to probe out people in safe spots. I have been practicing my probing skills every day because Tibbs said “the more you do it the faster and easier it gets“.

So I am getting better at it over the last 2 weeks of doing it and can scan down things pretty quick if they stand in one place which is never the case unless it’s an anomaly of some sort like a wormhole.

I was on comms and everybody was doing their own thing for a bit, so I thought I would practice my probing. I drop my combats in our home system and announce on comms that the combat probes are my probes. No reason to make people think they being probed out if it’s a friendly.

I find a frigate in a safe spot and start narrowing it down. It’s a Tristan and ask on comms if it is one of ours? Nope nobody is in a Tristan. Wow Cool my first probed down ship.

I get my probes back and warp to the ship. It’s a neutral in space. I go back and fetch my breacher of DOOM so I can get my first probed out Solo kill… WHO hooo.

I warp to the Tristan and the pilot is still there! Nice. I start shooting and orbit at 15km. No MWD needed as the pilot is not shooting back. No point in wasting Capacitor in a ship that is not Cap stable. When the ship is in hull the pilot must have come back to his cockpit and warps out…….


Why would you create a module that allows a pilot to just do that? I don’t get this mechanic of the game. It’s stupid.

You want a solo kill? Yah

Then find a fight and try your best to beat the other player 1v1 and hope you win. OK

Why would you make a module that allows the pilot to stay there and fight to the end and when the fight is not going their way to just warp out because they don’t want the pilot that has clearly out smarted them to get the kill they deserve to get? It’s stupid.

I was so angry I docked up and decided I am not flying today for the rest of the day. I felt robbed. It’s like I was ransomed and I had to pay but instead of paying ISK I had to give away a Solo Kill. It’s a price I don’t like to give especially if it was a Clear solo kill and I out smarted the other pilot.