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It’s been a bit quite on my side this week. I am still settling into my new job so time in front of the cockpit has been a bit staggered so when I could give 100% of my attention to killing things it was good to know other where there wanting the same thing.

Johnny Twelvebore was not up to being Fleet Commander today but we decided to take out a small 3 Man Roam to Evati and have a bit of a poke about the systems.

One of the Bastards where introducing a friend to New Eden piracy and had a small 5 man roam going on already so we decided to merge the 2 and out we went with 8 people. This turned into 10 and then 14 and then finally 17. We normally 10 max so was impressive to see so many pilots on comms and in frigates shooting things and just having fun.

Takeda Kashada was FC for a change which was so much fun. He has a very strong accent and if you not used to it as some found out it can cause people warping to wrong gates or getting lost.  Due to not knowing how fleet communications works and also with a strong accented FC, one pilot was lost all the time.

We were fighting and then get a “sorry I’m lost again” on comms from this pilot. He would be 2 jumps behind us or just be confused as to what is going on (I was there 1 month ago so know how that feels). Takeda was a brilliant FC because instead of getting upset with the person which I think happens allot in New Eden would explain what to do mid fight and calling prime targets at the same time.

We went all the way to Evati but the pipe we normally fly down was a bit quite. We thought we would poke our heads into Lulm area that was not far from Egmar. We got some nice kills there but only got on two.


I went down pretty early but it seemed that more and more people where jumping into system and warping to the medium plex for a fight as we all lost our ships and the fight was escalating fast to the point that there where Battleships warped in by White Lotus Alliance.

We were not part of their group but I think Lulm and Gulmorogod looked to be the place for fights as there was a massive gate camp on the Gulmorogod and Amamake gate with a Nightmare, Kronos, Vulger and a bunch of T3 BC and T3 Cruisers.

We had to go back and reship due to us all being in pods.

We got more pilots joining and this was when we were up to 17 people in fleet.

We went back to Gulmorogod and then down to Auga where we got more kills. I lost my breacher again to a Navy Firetail (Minmatar Navy Frigate ) that I landed on zero and could not get range fast enough.

It was getting late so we decided to head back home. We got word of an Instant Lock gang on Ardar gate which was the short route to our home system. We went the long way home and snagged a Stabber but most importantly the pilot that was lost most of this roam actually found us again and what perfect timing to find us and get on his very first ever  killmail. Congrats Hobbewan Arius.

Cynabal (250Mil Kill mail)

We got home safely and I can honestly say it was so much fun on comms with all the bantering going on and it just seems like the bastards and meatshield have some amazing people now and we seem to get on well with each other.

Side note:

Congrats to TFS Tibbs who is now top 1000 on Battleclinic

I just wanted to give a shout out to every single pilot in the bastards alliance. You have made my pirate life so far so much enjoyable and can’t wait to fleet up with you again.