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The Breacher is an amazing little kite ship I have found and with proper skills I think you could do some serious damage. I don’t think you can ever get a really good fit on it cap stable so cap management will always be a problem using light missiles and a MWD.

I have fought a lot of ships solo now but seem to stay away from the solo brawlers. I am still using my original list and seem to just not engage them. There have been times when I get one coming into a plex when I am there but then there is normally a gang right behind him. Bait tank.

This has meant that I don’t get so many fights. I don’t want to just give a ship away but at the same time I find that if I look at others flying the ship on YouTube and so on, they seem to just not care and go in and attack brawlers. Rifter in plex… Activate.

I think I am at a bit of a cross roads. I like to fly this little ship as it kind of has a sentimental value to me now but at the same time I want to be a better pilot and maybe should try brawling a bit just so I can get the feel for it.

The problem that I have is that if I choose to brawl it means I need to change the race of ships I fly.

The Rifter is ok but from what I read is just not the same frigate it used to be. The Slasher is better by the sounds of things but you need to be very experienced with cap management as it is very skill intensive.

That’s my Minmatar frigate range of combat ships completed.

If I look at most of the top pilots on the killboards they all fly: duel rep Incursus, triple nuet Tristans or medium shield extended Merlins where 2 are Gallente and 1 is Caldari. Being on comms with the bastards has also meant I have heard how impressive the Gallente ships are now with people getting solo kills all the time in them.

I don’t want to fly destroyers just yet as I think most of them are fit for tank or just pure dps and hope you make it fittings. I am new so my dps will be not as much as others and my tank will not be that great. This is also a problem with brawling for me at the moment.

It’s a tricky one that I need to try to resolve.

To brawl or to kite that is still the big question.