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Open roam time again but this time we had no new players to take out so we thought let’s just do a roam of epic proportions.

We have been asked as an Idea to take out a Remote Rep Frigate roam just to practice this for bigger gang fights if they occur so we have been given a set fit to train towards if we wanted to join in.

I have been reluctant to cross train to other races due to me being dedicated to Minmatar but Johnny said “it’s going to be epic fun and amazing”. I caved just hearing those sweet words so I thought fuck it.

Amarr frigate and Remote Rep here we go!

I am in a new ship. It’s a Punisher which is a brawler T1 frigate and it’s weird. I have been looking at the breacher for such a long time, that being in a new frigate is a bit alien in a way.

My breacher is fast, nimble and missiles that never miss and this is bulky, slow and auto cannon fit that hits when it feels like it.

With the RR (Remote Repper) you have to be 5km from each other so fighting was very interesting. You have to orbit a set person and that person is driving the fleet. Where they go you go and you have to be on the ball with who you shoot and who you rep.

You have to target a friend when they are shot at and rep them until someone else is the prime target and then drop your target on friend 1 to target friend 2 and so on. You are doing this while listening to your FC for prime targets to shoot at and sometimes you find you’re shooting at friend 1 and repping the enemy. I’m not saying I did this but then again I am not sure that I didn’t.

We took amazing damage. I got shot to half structure at some point in the roam where the only thing keeping me alive was the hero repper from Johnny until the rest landed. He actually burned out his repper on me so an amazing shout out to Johnny Twelvebore. What a Man!

We got very interesting fights in different systems but it seemed like we were building up to the last fight of the night which was this one:


We ended up holding our own with them giving up at the end and us getting the loot on field.

Yarr – RR indeed