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So I have been in fleets now and seen how the big boys do things as FC and for some reason I got on comms asked what is going on and “Nothing much”, “Might do something, not sure” was on comms and I said fuck it!

If nobody is going to take out a roam then so be it. I am going to be FC today.

Get into frigates. Kitchen Sink (Bring anything you want to lose fast) and lets go.

Some people scrambled about and soon I had 5 people with me in fleet and on the Resbroko gate waiting to get told what to do by me. (It sounded like a good idea in my head and now im shitting myself)

TFS Tibbs is scout because he is very good and as a FC that has never really done this FC thing I think having a good player Scout is kind of helpful. He will tell me when to GTO and when to come in and shoot people.

I give a destination we mostly fly to because we know there are fights and start the roam.

Every system is kind of empty but find a fight and loose ships is happening today and happening under my command.

Tibbs found an Atron with probes and we got the kill and tried to ransom but the player was AFK (Away from Keyboard). So pod express for you good sir.

Mr Firetail pilot warped to Tibbs incursus and went down in a blaze and his pod was just too slow. Pod express for you too.

By this time we had more people on comms and trying to catch up to us. So far this is going actually not too bad. I am getting more confident that I can do this. The fact I have not vomited from the stress I am feeling at the time is a miracle but I’m not so nervous as I started and things are looking up.

Small gang in a small plex” Tibbs tells me. How many? “ 5

We in frigates and there is 2 destroyers and some frigates. We have 1 logi (He reps you and does not fight) guy with us and Johnny has caught up with another logi.  So we 4 frigates and 2 logi vs 2 destoyers and 3 frigates. We can do this. As we land there is another fleet landing and goes into the plex.


This is way out of my depth. I was just getting used to the single targets. 5 vs 5 is kind of 1v1 but just in a group so that kind of sounded ok to me as most know what they doing in fleet. But now we way outnumbered and I am sure I saw a hawk go in so they have Assault frigates as well…

Activate the gate.

We land and go for the highest dps. Gallente Catalyst is prime target. If this is fit like I have been told to fit it then this will murder us and has to go down first. Now a good fc would know what to shoot next or at least call something next to shoot, but I am not that FC and the ship goes down. “Next target FC?” OSHIT I don’t  know! Ummm Ummm…  Silence for like 30 Minutes (Well that is what it felt like) The Hawk! It was close to me so I figure it’s the closest and let’s just shoot it. I know they do massive damage and if it does then it needs to go. We need to shoot something right?

It’s too far away from us mate” I get told and then Johnny said “shut up and shoot it!

They all burned for it and got it down. More ships went down because in my 15 seconds of absolute freak out people decided to just start killing things just in case that target is the next target. So the mail whores actually saved my FCing. Tibbs got 3 solo kills in this. I guess that’s why he is climbing the top 1000 on the killboard faster than a man on a burning ladder.

They warp off and we scoop the loot. I get some words of wisdom from Lord Lazyghost and most of the players in fleet. They all the vets in The Bastards so there input is so much appreciated.

Even though they said I did great up to the freeze I still have this sensation that I am not ready for this. It’s really stressful. I am not saying I am not going to do it again. It might just take another one of those Fuck it Moments to happen.