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Today I am loosing ships… I am sitting in my cockpit with the sole purpose of going solo and getting solo kills today. I want one and will get one.

I jump into Uisper and see one pilot in system called Ford Stanley. I do a quick Dscanner and find he is in a Gnossis (Special Edition Battlecruiser) and narrow him down to a mission. He must be doing a level 4 Faction Warfare mission because from what I hear you need a Battlecruiser to do them.

I warp to him and he is 30km off me. I have my modules pre-heated and bun and get point on him. I start shooting, deploy drones and now it’s simply a waiting game. I see his tank goes down slowly and hope that he is shield tanked.  The mission rats plus my DPS is doing its thing.

He is going to die today it’s only a matter of time. The rats switch to me but because I am tiny and have a fast orbit around him they hit me but I can rep it no problem. This gnosis is going to be my first solo kill against a ship bigger then my ship and it’s twice my size so it will be a shiny killmail to show the bastards. I’m all giddy and ready to show TFS Tibbs my shinny kill mail.

Now a problem I am faced with most of the time is CAP. It’s never really bothered me but today was the day it just reared its head on 3 occasions and this has totally pissed me off.

With the Gnosis I had to decide. TD (Tracking Disruptor) or MWD? I have been pulsing my MWD to conserve cap but his ship is so much bigger than my ship the fight took some time and I had to choose. I am fast so TD gets switched off. POP!

Now I know what most will say. You should have switched off the MWD and normally I would have but the rats where on me and if I switched off my MWD I would have died to them instead. I took a calculated risk that he might not be able to hit me with a speed tank but the odds were against me.

I spoke to Ford afterwards and he said he was indeed shield and had about 2-3% shield left when I went down. He says he was impressed with my ship tanking the rats and did not expect to survive that fight. Damit!!!

Ok I figure it was a long shot. The odds where totally against me but If I had a different ship that had better cap I could have killed him. That’s strike 1 to the breacher.

I get a new ship and go out again. I’m tempted to join fleet that’s up but say no. I am solo roaming today and that’s it.

I fly through to Egmar and see solo Rifter on scan in a novice. My head says no because it’s a brawler but I want a kill so fuck this. I am going Balls deep today and activate the gate.

I manage to sling shot him waiting at 0 and he does get point on me with his scram but because I had my MWD over heated get out of his scram range and out of web range as my ship slows down from full speed. I orbit and the damage goes down.

He is a sitting duck just for me. Solo kill time but wait the cap thing again. The rifter has a beefy armour tank so must be the 400mm plated fit and I am running out of cap again. Rifter gets away as my disruptor switched off… OMG!! Strike 2 for breacher!

The same thing happened in Kamela with an Executioner (Amarr t1 kite frigate) again lost disruptor and he warped away. Strike 3! That’s it… your out.

My breacher is a lovely ship but I have realized now that it’s time to move on. I have gotten better as a pilot flying with the Bastards and in a fleet this little ship is perfect. I warp in get point and wait for the rest to come and get them. When others in fleet point the victim I can switch off my point and just do my thing or just pulse my MWD. So for fleet it works.

I have been going out more and more solo now and as a solo frigate it’s a bit poor. I hear people mostly fit them for brawling so I guess that’s where I have gone wrong on my part but at the same time it’s been fun learning how to kite and cap manage in the breacher. I have learned allot in a short time.

So today was kind of the last straw with the ship, that is until I have better brawling skills to fit and tank properly. I will not give up on the breacher just yet.