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I get on comms to find Zimzat on and I get instructed that I will be the one taking out the open roam today.

I think he might have been reading my diary entries and felt that instead of me building a fear for FCing to just throw me in the deep end of space again and for me to just get over that fear. He ran the fleet however at the end as we got good fights and I am sure I might have been able to do it however I was just enjoying the shooting things instead of leading things.

We where waiting for a new pilot wanting to join the meatshield before we started the roam officially and while we waited started the roam just local and searched for any pesky people thinking they can mission or plex in our home system.

We find a Stabber Fleet Issue and we die in a ball of flames as the stabber was very beefy active armour repping fit. We wanted to kill him and got him into hull but just did not have enough dps to finish him off.

We reship to find a Maller at a small gate and if you know FW plex gates it means that the Maller (Amarr T1 Cruiser) cannot go into a small. So this person is frigate hunting and well this is our system so pop goes the Maller. Plus to really make sure the pilot understands that this is our home we send him on his way pod express.

So we loot up the Maller wreck and low and behold we scan down a Rifter AFK at the sun at zero. Well Mr Rifter – down you go as well. I did not get on the Rifter because I had a Vexor (Gallente T1 Cruiser) on scan at the small again and while the fleet was warping to the sun I warped to the small at range to see if my scan was telling me the truth. Vexor is stuck on the acceleration gate and can’t get loose. HAHA!

Point the Vexor and keep range. I instruct Zimzat what I have caught on the gate while fishing for targets and as the Rifter dies warps the fleet to me. We kill the Vexor and loot up.

The same pilot warps in another Vexor at the same small again and I am there while others drop off loot. Point again and as I point the Vexor a Thorax (Gallente T1 Cruiser) lands at the gate. Sarcos is there with me so we start killing the Vexor and the Thorax while everybody ells is scrambling to drop off loot rep up burned modules and get back to us.


This roam is going pretty well so far we joke to see a Hurricane (Minmatar T1 Battlecruiser) on dscanner and start narrowing him down and then see that there are 2 Hurricanes now in system.

Where are they?Zimzat asks and as he does this guess what. Mr Vexor and Mr Thorax are back at the small with 2 Hurricanes. We get point and start the killing but this time they a bit more tanky as they are Battlecruisers but eventually after killing their drones they die.


This must be the same guy duel boxing us with his ships and he just keeps throwing them at us. After so many losses you would think to give up but this guy is stubborn or just plain stupid as he warped in a Megathron to the small and lost a Megathron (Gallente T1 Battleship) a couple of minutes later.  He warped in a Protues (Gallente T3 Cruiser) in at range and I was 5km away to point him before he warped the Protues out.

We get one of our memebers to log in his Loki (Minmatar T3 Cruiser) booster (Makes ships faster and can point further away) and have him on standby.

The guy keeps warping to the same station so we figure instead of him coming here and making him warp all this way to die. We will be nice and kill him outside the station. He is now suspect to us all so it’s free game. Sarcos warps to station and waits outside. The guy undocks a Hyperion (Gallente T1 Battleship) and Sarcos starts to shoot him.

Now if you clever you will not engage back as it means you cannot dock for 1 minute which gives the other pilots time to try to kill you. Well this guy by the losses he has been handing to us is clearly not that type of person so engages Sarcos outside the station.  We warp to Sarcos and down goes his Hyperion.

The Protues made a quick visit at range but as soon as I approached him he warped away.

This guy must really not be thinking straight anymore and just wants a kill so challenges any of us to a 1v1.

Zimzat says I have to accept it and sure I will go for it.

We honour 1 v 1 requests and will get no help from the fleet but they have made precautions that if he does not honour the 1v1 that matters will quickly get taken out of his hands.

We agree to meet at the small and with t1 frigates. Breacher of doom is chosen as I know the ship and chancing it with another is risky.

I warp to 70km and he is sitting at 0 in an Atron (T1 Gallente Frigate). I don’t move.

He will fight my fight not the other way around and thus he burns to me while I don’t move and wait.

So within 5 seconds of him approaching me I can already tell he is AB (Afterburner) fit perfect!

When he gets to about 40km I start overheating my modules and start to hit my approach. I do not use my MWD as he does not know what I have and don’t want to give away I am kite fit. He gets to 30 km and I hit my MWD and point him. Drop my drones and start the rain of fire. We go at it and because im not cap stable and because this is a 1 v 1 to the death means that I should not really need my point.

I switch it off and I am cap stable so the fight is my fight. After a very long fight he warps away. I was counting every time he used his Auxiliary Repper as you can only rep it so many times and will run out of nanite paste.  He was out of nanite by everybody’s count on comms and he dishonored his 1 v 1 or did he?

He said he would fight me again and not warp out this time but we thought it was dishonorable the first time and he had his chance.

Should I have kept point on him and because I did not have a point on him, he was allowed to warp out?

He lost the Atron as he warped to zero on the small again and Zimzat got him pointed.

He warped out his pod and then came back at range with another Hurricane.

Guess what happend…

… Yip Hurricane

If I ever start flying spaceships like this guy please ask me to not undock anything ever again. I think that’s the day you know you should retire as a pilot.

I do not want to know what his CEO must think of his 920 million worth in loss mails to the same people in the same system on the same day.

On a side note:

Well done to all Meats… We officially in the top 2000 as a corp. Hell yah and a YARRR from me to you.