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Today I say farewell to my trusty ship of Minmatar. It has served me well and it will be used again at a later date for brawling but for now its off to new adventures with a new ship.

The Condor

It’s Caldari and it has bonuses to warp disruptor cap usage. Cap is my main issue with the Breacher so already it sounds like a better ship. What about the Slasher I hear all you true Minmatar pilots shout and to this I say Missiles. The Condor uses missiles which I am used to and I think for a new pilot its better than using the Slasher that uses autocannons.

Missiles never miss but do less damage but as long as I have them pointed they will die slowly. Autocannons have tracking issues with range and fall offs and different ammo for close range and long-range and you need much higher skills to fly it correctly. Don’t get me wrong I will get to the guns at some point but for now I want to learn to fly and be a better pilot first. I am still new to this.

I have put my exact fit into the Condor and I am cap stable.

So if I had this bad boy versus the Gnosis it would have been solo kill for me.

It’s fast. My Breacher hit max speed with MWD at 2500km. This bad boy is 3200km. That’s with no overheated modules so not bad at all speed wise.

I think it’s going to take some time to get used to it and I am going to lose some ships but it’s under 7million isk for s fully fitted ship so it’s easy to replace.

I think I will have to go out solo in it to test this out and see what I can find and kill. I need to now look at a couple of options as the ship does massive kinetic damage but has no bonus to any other damage type.

No drones also mean I have to manage less. I have been in fights to find my drones are still neatly tucked away in their drone bay. The other one is if you warp away to another fight and you forget your drones in cold space. I hate leaving them behind so will always try to recover them if at all possible.

Less management means I can focus on the fight more so it is going to be interesting.

I am looking forward to flying it but first I need to get rid of all my kite fitted breachers in station.

I will just have to wait a bit longer.