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Well I could not wait any longer…

Patience is not my strong suite some times and today I just want to undock in my new ship and go and fly about with it. I have undocked and tested the speed and when I can start to lock a target. I have adjusted my orbit as well as the ship is a bit faster than the breacher.

I am messing about when I decide that instead of getting rid of all the Breacher hulls I have left, that I want to take it out now. I want to really test it.

Solo roam time in my new Condor.

So Condor number 1 lasted 3 jumps.

I engaged a flashy Navy Omen that was eying me out as I was him. Lasers are apparently not the best tracking for up close fights in a cruiser vs frigate fight and because I have a tracking disruptor on my Condor it means he might have some issues hitting me.

I want the bigger ship kill under my belt and as I did not get the Gnosis due to the cap and this ship being cap stable, it means I feel more willing to take on bigger ships now.

I have not taken on an Omen hull ship (Amarr T1 Cruiser) before so this will be an interesting fight. I go in and so does he.

I get point and we start the dance of death. His friend warps in at 40km and starts to shoot. He is in a Navy Omen as well and because there is no Tracking disruptor on him means full dps on my tiny frigate. Pop Condor 1.

Dam you second pilot

Reship and Condor 2 makes 7 jumps.

I fly all the way to Evati and see another Condor. Let’s do this.

I start the dance again and in warps Algos and Griffen. Jammed and you guessed it Pop.

Condor 3 makes 5 jumps.

I get to a gate and on the gate is a Thrasher. I jump into system but as I do so I notice him targeting me. Mmm interesting.

I land the other side with no other person waiting so re-approach and jump through. Mr Thrasher is on the gate and is neutral. He can shoot me but I cannot shoot him without getting gate guns. I wait for a bit and he bites. He shoots at me now allowing me to shoot him back and we start the dance but he gets close to me and scram, web and pop.

Damit. This is not going to plan.

Have I made the wrong choice or is this just my unlucky day. I figure I will dock up my pod for tonight and hopefully next time will be better.