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I have now been flying the Condor for a bit of time and find that it is a really fast little frigate. Great at catching things but it has its problems as does every frigate.

One of the biggest changes that I have seen is that my fear of other ships has gone down a lot more. Not having to manage your cap is a bit of a god send in my book and does mean I can just concentrate on killing. This has meant that I lose more ships as I try to take on more ships.

The condor might just be a little too fast at the moment and something I really need to get used to. This just means I need to sharpen my reaction time.

I have had some super close fights but one with a Thrasher pilot in Auner who had 30% left in hull and warped out because he happen to slingshot my orbit was really one that stuck in my head.

I tip my hat to you sir, great flying.

I must note that I was fighting this pilot solo for some time when I noticed Marco Drack with me in that plex and he did not engage the pilot as he wanted me to get the solo kill. What a man looking after the meats and not just whoring on mails because he could have easily have done it. Sadly I did not get the kill so maybe he should have and I also feel bad for asking him not to engage when actually getting a kill with 2 people on is more important than not getting any. Sorry Marco.

I have developed a bit of a sling shot to catch brawlers in a plex. It does rely on the other pilot not being on top form at that moment but have found it worked well with the Breacher so why not adopt it to the Condor.

I have notice that because the Condor is so fast, 2 things are happening when trying the sling shot.  1) The other pilot is ready and gets me scrambed which happened with the Breacher so no biggie here or 2) I get out of scram range but because I have my MWD overheated, burn too far out because of the speed and by the time the ship slows down to try to get orbit I loose point and they warp out.

This has been a bit of a problem as it has meant that there has been many kills I could have under my belt solo but fate was just not on my side.

It’s the teething problems with changing to a new ship but will iron these out soon and will be back on form.

Destroyers + be aware if you see my name in local. I am coming for you… lol.