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Zimzat, Sarcos and myself was on comms having a chat and doing a bit of local hunting in Auner when Zimzat asked “Eric why are you not in the Bastards?”

I explained that I have not been invited into joining yet and feel as a meat that it’s not my place to just put in the application.

Well I am formally inviting you to join the bastards. Please put in an application

Now I went from looking for kills to warping and docking up my ship in the shortest time ever. I thought they where playing a trick on me as I had to Quite Meatshield and then they could accept it (Some issue).

So I was semi giddy but at the same time worried. AGGGHHH!!! The wait.

I put in an application and it was accepted…


I just want to give a MASSIVE thanks to everybody for helping me with great advice through my pirate career so far and also to all the people who have read and donated some isk with messages like “Now go kill things!” It’s really helped me push myself out there and really made me enjoy being the new pirate of Eve Online and made me keep up with the Diaries.

Being a new pilot in New Eden is a very steep learning curve and with out your support would not have been doing nearly as well as I am currently. I mean I could have been one of these guys.

So to all who read and all who I have flown with… I tip my hat and give you a big YARRR!!!!