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I did not think we would get any open roamers this close to Christmas so just planned an Alliance roam into null.

I planned it and my thinking at the time was that a Veteran FC would take us out to Null as I have not been there before or know how it works and the vets can then show us what the null experience is all about. This ended up with people being in fleet waiting for me to FC. TFS Tibbs was on comms and we had Sadario fresh out of wormhole space that I have not flown with before scouting us through to null.

Sadario found us a wormhole chain to null space earlier in the day and I have to show his map he gave us all as it is just a thing of absolute craftsmanship. We have declared that all future maps have to be to this quality going forward so good job for setting that bar high.

Before we set off we actually had a couple of guys join us on their first open roam so this must have been an interesting fleet for them.

We were mostly Meatshield guys and the odd Bastard to fill the numbers to 11 in fleet. So far this was the biggest fleet I have had to FC and also through null which would have scared me a couple of weeks ago but this time I felt pretty calm doing it. TFS Tibbs and Eito sec’undo was my scouts and because Tibbs and Eito know what they doing seemed to make my life easier.

We ended up in Esoteria Region and as soon as we landed in our first null system outside of wormhole space was informed that Steve the Titan was about 9 jumps away. I had no Idea what they were talking about but got explained that Steve was the first Titan ship to ever die. The name Steve came from the ship name and it’s now a bit of a tourist attraction for people in New Eden.

We set our destination to C9N-CC where the wreck of Steve can be found and started slowly moving through null space. We were chased by a Bellicose and Drake for a couple of jumps but they got lazy and started to head back leaving us on our tour of null. We could have gone all guns blazing but I wanted to see Steve first.

We finally got to Steve’s Wreck and everybody was pretty excited to see it. Some of the vets have only seen it once or twice so even they were pretty happy with “ Eric Shang’s Null Sec Tour Operations” so far.

For more info on Steve please use this link

We set a new destination and as we have come out here for kills or to be killed continued to start looking for targets.

Eito finally got a Gila (Gurista Pirate Cruiser) hugging a gate. I gave the order to engage him to see if we can push him through to us as there is no gate guns in null space but instead he engaged Eito back and we jumped in and got the Gila and sent him home pod express.

Well I think so far the roam is a success so we decided to head back home…

…Haha no chance of that happening.

We have now tasted blood and need more so we carry on and found what must be a joke of some kind but this is null and apparently they have Gate patrollers which Eito caught and we killed it.

The patroller must have informed his alliance that we were coming and bringing death with us. This is my conclusion purely based on the amount of null sec bubbles that we had on the next couple of gates. 10+ on each gate so they must have been frightened by our superior killing skills clearly demonstrated with Mr Patroller dying.

One thing that helped us where the bubbles we had just landed in. There was nobody to shoot us which was sad but instead of catching us, it caught a Hurricane for us so we decided that if he wanted to warp to bubbles in null and get trapped in them that we would help him in the bubble by shooting at him.

We made our destination of 16P-PX but because they were scared of us decided to stay docked up in a station even though there where systems with 36 people in them. Null Sec must be very exciting in that station just sitting in there twiddling your thumbs all day hoping for a fight but then when the fight comes to you the FC says to stay docked. Thank god for Piracy and the Bastards.

We needed a new destination and had a quick look and found a very busy system 10 jumps away but meant we had to back track a bit. We proceeded to a very excited and then mortified Eito when the system he was in went from himself to 50+ in no time. I was game for a fight but Frigates versus Cruisers and Battlecruisers of 50+ is well just stupid so no. We waited for them to jump though and warp past us. On we go to final destination before going home I tell everybody.

We burn to the system and when we get to QFGB-E I send Eito 2 jumps ahead to see what he can find for us but no one is interested in our gang of death so we decide to start heading back to the wormhole entrance we came from when Anabaric informs me that we have a Enyo (Gallente Tier 2 Frigate) about to jump to us and we make quick work of him but his friend jumps into system with a Gnosis and we kill him as well. Tibbs who has been in a Sabre drops a Null bubble and we send him pod express home.

Wow my first full Crystal set pod.

I think we were starting to outstay our welcome in this region of Esoteria and we decided to head home. We had very minimal losses to almost 4 Billion in kills. I got everybody home safely with nobody losing their pods and we had a nice debriefing with the fleet about how I did and it all seemed very positive and apparently all I need to do is do more of the same so will plan another one again soon.

Just to add the cherry on the cake we found some frigates plexing in our home system and decided to kill them just because we can:


Thanks to everybody for the amazing night and I hope to see even more people their next time and who knows maybe next time we take out cruiser size ships…
nudges Eito

Side Note:
SUPER well done to Eito sec’undo who is now officially a Bastard!