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I write this today the last day of the year. Its strange feeling saying goodbye to 2013 as it’s the year I started my journey into New Eden and also into Piracy.

I set out to join a really good Pirate corporation and I think I have found the one for me. The Bastards have been nothing but supportive and if I look back at my 3 months in Eve Online, I can honestly say that this experience has been amazing so far. I am flying with amazing people and I get to share my journey with you in my diaries.

I have not only had support from The Bastards but also from you reading this. I thank you very much for actually coming here to read this and the support you have shown me in my journey. The odd message of support is always welcome and it means I get more motivated.

We had some sad news a month or so ago when RoninData decided that the Bastards was not for him anymore and he has now setup his own corporation with some of the members joining him. I wish them nothing but the best for 2014 and hope that they achieve everything that the bastards could not offer them.

Some advice I can give newer pilots in New Eden starting out:
Listen to your veterans that know what they doing and become a sponge. Sponge up the knowledge they provide you. You will only get better at it and if you forget things easy write it down. Something as silly as don’t ever warp to zero in a belt has saved me many times.

My New Year resolution for you is:
Try solo fighting in 2014. Even if you die in a ball of fire you will learn something. Make it cheap. My ships are all under 10 million fully fitted and if I can do it, then so can you.

If you have people blocking your progress to being the pilot you set out to be then make sure you remove those hurdles.

Try to FC in 2014. You are going to suck at it but so what! Every FC makes mistakes and you can’t always win the fight. Go out cheap and reship and do it again. As long as you don’t make the same mistake twice it means you learning and always take an experienced FC with you, they don’t mind I promise you.

My New Year resolution:
Brawling. I am slowly skilling up these skills and I am very close to a brawling skill level that I am happy to go solo with.

More trips to null sec. That trip was so much fun and I think everyone enjoyed it by the sound of things.

Bigger ships if my CEO will allow me to take out a fleet of them. Destroyers and then Cruisers.

Solo vs a bigger hull ship and then the 2 vs 1 kill. I think this will come with brawling and look forward to it.

I did not want to make a big resolution but instead small ones. I think I can achieve this in 2014 and will try my best to get them ticked off my list.

I am looking forward to 2014. It’s going to be amazing year with the bastards and I look forward to meeting any new people wanting to come join us.

So I stand in a doorway. I look back behind me. I tip my pirate hat and remember the things I have done and the people I have met flying in space. I now look forward into an open door of possibilities. Something unknown and scary is out there but also exciting. I take a step forward through the door and start my journey into tomorrow.

Fly safe and have fun

Eric Shang