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It’s good to be back in my cockpit. I feel somewhat calmer and just happy.

Can you fly logi?” I get asked by TFS Tibbs.

I explained that the only logistics experience I have was the Punisher-RR fleet we did a bit back and he gives me a link to a T1 frigate fit which I could fly and had to change one module for a meta level and not tech 2… So yes I can fly logi.

Excellent! You and Lord Lazyghost are my Logi for tonight” I get told. I have one request and that is to change an armour repairing drone for a warrior to get on some kills and also just because I cannot do repping drones just yet. We both agree so I am happy and he is happy. We are just all about the happy tonight.

We undock and the others shoot at Tibbs who is testing some frigate he fitted and we have to rep him up. While doing this Lazy is explaining how this is going to work as it is different from the Punisher-RR fleet we did. There we had to ball up nice and tight and just shoot and rep. While this time we are staying distance and repping only. That is except my one warrior off course.

We soon find out a problem that I have. Skills!. Lazy is cap stable with the fit and I run out in 50s which is ok I think but they both agree it will not do and I make a small change to the fit and insert a cap booster to help me out. Fill my hull with cap boosters and we try it again. This time it’s perfect.

We start the roam with 2 logistics T1 frigates, 4 DPS T1 Frigates, so we nice and cheap.

Tibbs is scouting and we know never to engage in Resbroko as it is a home system to another pvp corp that has links to high heaven and they escalate a fight pretty quick. Tibbs wants to test the fleet out so engages a Rupture (Tier 1 Minmatar Cruiser) in a belt and we warp in logi first and then dps to follow.

I have never won a fight in Resbroko” says Lord Lazyghost and when he said this I worked out that nether have I. Well congratz to Lazy and myself because Voodoo877 went down.

We warped off as the backup came in but we knew that by winning this fight that they will escalate it and decided to continue on to Egmar.

The pipe we fly down was pretty quiet in the sense of allot of people in system but nobody to shoot.

Egmar was the same but we have time on our hands and with me flying with Tibbs before, I know that he knows that Egmar is one of those “Field Of Dreams” type of systems. If you wait there people will come to kill you and thus Tibbs warps us off grid so nobody can scan us on Dscan. They will have to probe us out but that’s what we want.

Tibbs sits in a medium plex. The name of his ship is “4 stab plex farmer” which is a bit of a giggle to us all and you know it worked. A Cynabal (Pirate Faction Cruiser) comes after Tibbs and he points him and we all warp in. Cynabal’s are very hard hitting solo cruisers so we know we have to get in quick. We do and the Cynabal goes down after a good fight but as he dies in comes a Stabber Fleet Issue (Minmatar Navy Issue Cruiser) which must have been a friend of the Cynabal waiting and thinking that he should be able to kill 5-6 T1 Frigates by himself.

Well Mr Stabber came in to help his friend and we decided to help him the same way as the Cynabal by blowing up ship Stabber.

GF’s where given in local with them most likely not happy at all but that’s low sec for you and that’s Piracy. Never underestimate T1 Frigates especially when flown by good pilots.

On we go to Evati which brings nothing. Tibbs finds a Dramiel in Todifraua on the Evati gate that is flash red and as Tibbs is flashy red and in a T1 Frigate decides to engage him. Dramiel Engages back thinking he could make quick work of Tibbs but alas it is not so. Dramiel down and as we jumped to Tibbs a second Dramiel landed which was back up but decided to get out faster than we could point him, Lucky bugger.

Rupture, Cynabal, Stabber and now the Dramiel’s loot has paid for the fleet to be replaced completely. So Tibbs Buys the loot from us and gives us ISK. Ships have been paid for.

Now I was not sure why Tibbs was doing this but I think he was getting into that “I want to just kill or engage anything” mode that I do see some people get into and to be honest I think everybody in the fleet wanted to know what was going to break the Logistics myself and Lazy was doing.

Tibbs went from very calmly looking for targets to jumping and warping to mediums hoping that there was something wanting to fight. We went up to Taff and nothing was there but then Tibbs said he wanted to just look into Todi again just for a laugh and found a small Plex with 4 x T1 frigates, Talwar (T1 Destroyer) and a Hawk (Tier 2 Caldari Frigate) in it.

Before we knew what was happening Tibbs was activating the plex gate and we basically went in BALLS DEEP. This fight was crazy fun with them trying with all their might to break the logistics but just could not do it. They even decided to kill me just to get a logistics off the field but Lazy was repping me like the champion of reppers.


There was an Maulus and another Breacher on field with them but they decided to do damage from range and then finally fly way.

We agree with more skills under my belt we should be unstoppable to a point but that point is very large and look forward to finding out what we can and cannot take on.

Logistics Frigates are fun.

We are still recruiting for Meatshield Bastards. We want more USA TZ Pirates and are starting to get more people in that time zone now. Please jump into “DBastards” Channel and come fly with us.