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After such a good outcome with the Logi frigates, myself and Lord Lazyghost are back in them and supporting a fleet of T1 Frigates. It worked the day before so why change it and let’s see if we can get more kills.

We the same amount of frigates again and we know what we can take on and win so out into space we go searching for targets.

We want cruiser fights because it is more challenging but we don’t mind an easy kill so we find a Catalyst in Hadozeko at a small plex. We send in bait and as the bait lands an Astero uncloaks and starts to damp our bait thinking his trap has been sprung.  Sarcos warps in to get tackle on the Astero which he does and the Catalyst warps out as we all go for the more juicy target. Our logi warps in and then the dps and the Astero (SOE Frigate) thinking he was smart realized that he was not the hunter but the pray and lost his shiny ship. That’s my first Astero kill so I am happy.

We all are laughing on comms as this fleet with logi support is just crazy. We need to do more of these and as we have not all died once with this fleet setup, start feeling pretty invincible within reason.

We found out how much we can take on with the next system. A Thrasher is sitting on a gate and the night before we tried to tank gate guns when trying to snag another thrasher which made it to the gate at 20% hull left. So tanking the gate guns is not a problem.

This Thrasher was neutral so we engage locking up the first person to shoot at him and we tanking it well when 3 more destroyers jump in. 95% of us are flashy red which means that they can engage us with no gate guns but we can only engage the person back if they have engaged first. The first Thrasher goes down.

TFS Tibbs who is FC must have been engaged by a Catalyst and calls him prime target. So we all start shooting him but totally forget about the gate guns and the fact they switching to people after are each shot.

Lazy and I unfortunately could not take on 4 destroyers and gate guns all at one time so we lost the fleet. I dropped pretty early in the fight with two destroyers going for me and made quick work of my frigate, which left lazy repping people like mental.

We managed to take out 2 of them before we all had to fly away in pods.


Calculating the numbers we have paid for the ships many times over isk war wise over the last 2 days of killing so we take out another fleet of the same. It’s been working so why change.

Ok, so gate guns and 4 destroyers is maybe not a great move but that’s just bad luck or just us being too eager to test the fleet out. I mean it’s not every day you can tank 1000+ Alpha Dps with t1 frigates for as long as you want?

We tried to find a fight but for ages flew around our normal route and could not find anything. More people where now online and came to join us and this could also have been the issue but I think it’s because there where massive cruiser gangs flying around it meant that people are a bit on edge and will not undock as eager as they normally would.

We do finally find a juicy target in Todi again. A Stratios (SOE Cruiser) was sitting on the medium plex and we could not believe our ears hearing this so was very excited when he finally went down. He actually gave up trying to shoot us at some point, knowing it is just a matter of time. It’s either that or he had no cap left from our bait frigate nueting him out.

Two SOE firsts for me in one night is not a bad thing I think to myself.

It was getting late and we all on a high again so we decide to head home when Sarcos spots a fleet of Tristans in a small in Gulm. We think why not. Yes they have a lot of drones but we can take it on can’t we?

No we could not. We thought maybe 5 x Tristans but it was 11 x RR-Tristans from Suddenly Spaceships and with over 50 x Hobgoblin II drones out and ready on field they made pretty sure we went home in pods. Some actually got out as I think myself and Lazy got prime targeted when we landed.

I got asked to talk to someone after that fight and it was Jaxiar from Suddenly Spaceships who I found out was actually starting to read my Diaries. So if you read this Jaxiar – GF.

We went home knowing we should not have engaged that in the first place but that’s life in New Eden. You can’t win them all but as long as you learn something from your loss you are improving yourself and most importantly you need to have fun.

Did we have fun?
Yes we did, logi frigates are fun.