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It’s open roam time and it beginning of New Year and I wanted to take more fleets out to null sec and also do bigger ship types.

Both got ticked off in one night with us going to null in Destroyers – 13 of them plus 2 Sabre’s, 1 Interceptor and a Covert Ops frigate for sneaky scouting.

We find a WH chain to “the Vale of the Silent!!” Dum Dum Duuuuum! (Scary Drums)

We have a look and figure its null sec and last time we found people chasing us and we got to see Steve the Titan and we killed 4 billion worth of ships so it’s going to be an amazing roam.

It sucked balls. I feel really bad for taking the fleet out there now. We got no kills. None. Nada, Ziltch!

Null the scary place where the world ends and all is forgotten. The place high sec mission runners dream of going but dare not step there space boots into just in case the evil things from Pitch Black come out and eat them up.

If you in High sec wanting to go to null. Do it here… Vale of the Silent!

It’s Silent. Nobody is there I promise you. We went there jumped 44 systems to find 1 person in local every now and again and they would warp to their POS (Player Owned Station) to hide away.

Rant over…

Ok so this got me thinking. If I was a strategist of any Null Alliance and we have this massive war thing going on and we all seem to be fighting in one area… Why would I not back door attack them?

If you go to “Gentleman’s Agreement” space now apparently it’s just renter corps there. That means they pay a set amount to do industrial or mission all day every day. They not PVP orientated and will be no hassle.

If they try to PVP it will be silly Miners with pitch forks and flaming torches type of mentality and not the Knight with a sword and armour mentality.

If you really want to make a War go your way, attack there home systems while they fighting your defensive lines far away from it. Look here while we sneak past you and burn down your castle through the back door. Stand outside Castle and look smug…

Now I know it’s most likely not that simple a thing to do in null. There is a lot of back stabbing and spies in alliances apparently so to pull a fast one as they say on another alliance is pretty tricky but it’s not impossible I would think.

To be honest I don’t really care about the war at all and if people think that then you are wrong. What I care about is taking a fleet out to null to jump 44 jumps and nobody to shoot.

Get your act together Null sec. Low sec needs targets.

…Ok it’s really over now I promise.

We made it 44 jumps all the way to Todi and decided to just have a look in our normal hunting grounds. Some people decided to change ships as they wanted to be more close range fit so we waited a bit and looked for targets in Evati and Egmar. Matti – One of the Bastards that have been on a small holiday away from his cockpit came on comms and was in Egmar. He got point on a nice Hawk for us and we got our first kill of the roam. Matti – you are a legend already good sir.

I heard that some people were on their way back from our home system and that the other systems down the pipe seem to be very quiet. I decided to take us into Deep Faction Warfare space.

We Make our way to Auga and snag a probe in a small plex.

We starting to get kills finally so go to Kourmonen where there is nobody really to shoot so make our way into Kamela and find 6 Destroyers in a Medium.

Destroyers Vs Destroyers = game on


The rest warp away.

We get back into Kourmonen as this looks to be the center of FW Space and we should be able to get more kills in here or surrounding systems.

I think the alarm must have been rung as there were a lot of frigates on the Kamela gate as we landed again at zero but they foolishly all jumped in so we went Lamaa instead trying to find targets in there but they wanted to not play with us. We waited for a bit and then as it was getting late decided to make a slow approach to home. We jumped into Kourmonen again and found a small gang of frigates and destroyers in a medium.

We went in Balls Deep and got a Dragoon who got left behind by his frigate friends who ran away.

We hear of an instant lock gang in a system we needed to go through if we wanted to go the short way so decided to go the long way home.

There where targets in the systems but nobody seemed to be in space wanting us to shoot at them so just got home safely.

I know I ranted a bit at the beginning and I am sorry for that but all in all it was fun on comms with people I enjoy flying with. I just feel like I am not doing my job as a FC getting people kills and as It’s my roam and my choice where we go, I feel not bad for my choice just wish it could have been better.

I do know that you don’t always get targets in null but last time was so cool. I wanted to repeat it.

Maybe next time…