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I took a bit of a break as a bit of R&R was needed.

I have met some people wanting to do some Planet side production and thought I would investigate this process while on holiday so have gone into business with two other pilots in doing this. I have invested a bit of money into it and hopefully will see reward within about a month or so after the initial investment has been paid back through the profits.

While I was on my holiday I tried some brawling but found I am really no good at it and need to skill some more so will keep trying every now and again but I think for now I will stay with the long-range kiting solo ships.

I really hate these WCS (Warp Core Stabilizers) as I have tried time and time again to get solo kills but they seem to just cloak up in the novices or if I do catch them warp away. I must have lost about 20 solo kills now because of them warping away and it’s a bit silly really.

So I am back in my pod and looking at some new ships for the year. I am also looking at improving my brawling skills to one day not suck at it. We have taken out more Destroyer type roams apparently looking at the losses we have and they seem to be doing well and people enjoy flying them.

I am still trying to find the correct brawling ship for myself so testing things and loosing ships will be a big part of my year this year but I think I am feeling refreshed and ready.

I do need to go buy some ships again as I have run out of them and also sell loot to pay for the ships.

Hopefully I get some kills this week.