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If you have flown with TFS Tibbs before you will know that you will find him in Egmar. When I have gone on comms and asked where he currently is, he would 95% of the time reply Egmar or surrounding systems.

So what is it about this system?
The answer is very simple. It connects 4 pipes of systems in one place. That means that it is normally busy and to get kills in it is very simple.

You warp to a plex and wait. In 10 minutes or less you will most likely have a gang or a solo pilot come and hunt you. Egmar just looks to be the center point for most of our kills in the last 3-4 months that I have flown with the Bastards and will always be a place to go first to see what’s happening there.

So when I got on comms to find Tibbs running a kitchen sink frigate gang, I did not hesitate to set destination to Egmar and start burning there. I decided to take out a new ship I have wanted to try… a Merlin (Caldari Tier 1 Frigate)

I like the look of the ship and as it is shield with blasters it seems to just work for me. I have tried the breacher with rockets but I just don’t have the skills to fly it correctly. You have got to know when you should fight and when to walk away and the breacher is just not for me a brawling frigate at the moment.

So Merlin and I are on way to Egmar. I do a little solo roam on my way there just to see if I can find something and test the ship out. There is nothing like a real fight to test fits. I find nothing but I figure Tibbs is killing everything anyway so most likely will not find much as he leaves a wake of destruction.

One thing is for sure when fleeting up with Tibbs and that is kills. He is like a magnet to pilots. I have been in Egmar a couple of times when there is 20 people in system and can’t find a fight as people are not undocking and 10 minutes later Tibbs undocks and we get fights non-stop all night.

He did not disappoint as we just got a really good fight with a gang of frigates and had very little losses.

Navy Slicer
Federation Navy Comet

Earlier we got a Stay Frosty Tristan which I think was very cool as they normally in Caldari/Gallente FW space.

I think the cherry on the cake was when our scout reported a Cynabal in Arnher. He found him in a medium plex on the outside hoping for an easy kill and he must have cried when he went bang. We scooped the loot and were very shocked as we all made 30 million isk with just that one kill.

They say piracy does not pay but believe me you get some people who fit their ships expensively and when they lose the ship you always have a chance to get the good stuff.

A tip from me to anybody reading this would be that if you warp anywhere in a pod to make sure you warp to where you where wanting to go. We found a pod sitting at the sun. We helped him back to station.

All in all it was a great day back at piloting and great to see people enjoying themselves.