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GF (Good Fight)

It’s something that you will see from time to time in your local chat and you will know that there was a fight and both parties enjoyed it.

Or did they?

Do we use it a bit too much in New Eden? Is every fight really a gf fight? I seem to find that if you are solo and get blobed and they put in a gf in local that well it was not a gf at all so no gf from me to you.

I don’t let the fleet gf in local after we blob someone for this reason when I fc.

It might have been good for you as you think you are winning at piloting but let’s not kid ourselves in that if you are 5 vs 1 and you lose these odds you should stop being a pilot of fortune and go mining or run missions. If it was 1v1 and it was really close then sure do it. You both where in it to win it and there can only be one winner so if its close and it was going to be either him or you then I think a gf is a must.

Gf to me really means that you had a fight and the other person was having a chance to actually win the fight thus having a good fight himself. I have seen to many people blob and then gf in local to say haha I won and I had fun.

This is not a rant at anybody doing this and I am not saying don’t do it. It’s just something that as a new player I have noticed happen a lot.

Me, I like the getting ganked and blobed by people who says nothing and just carries on.  I’m sure for them you were an easy kill and now they are moving on to find a gf. The fact that they know it was not a good fight proves to me that they actually decent people who know what a gf is. I could be wrong and they might never gf and this would be the flip side of the coin and I think is a bit rude.

5 v 5 and it was close and one group put in gf and the losing group sulk and say nothing back I think is just rude. You can’t win it all and thus acknowledge that you got beat fair and square and that you at least had fun while trying to beat the other team is not a hard thing to do. You never know it could be reversed around next time. Would you like them not to gf you then… I don’t think so.

So I think using gf is a good thing after a fight. Knowing when to use a gf is more important. Not every fight is gf but when it is at least acknowledging the fact it is. It the right thing to do.