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I hope the pirates in the bastards are happy with the pilots they have drawn to the life of piracy since the 3rd October last year when it opened its doors to us the new pirate trainees. It’s been 4 months now and we seem to have had a lot of people try the life of piracy and some have stayed and unfortunately some have found that piracy is just not for them.

This is just how things work sometimes and you find that the people who stay are like myself and enjoy being part of the pirate way and also really enjoy being a bastard. We get on with each other and we enjoy each other’s company even when your own corp mate kills you while you stationary at the gate… you know who you are Mr…

I think the big thing for the bastards now is to grow as an Alliance and start doing more and more things as a team effort. We have flown with each other but I think it’s time we worked with each other to become a strong unit of pvp pilots. I get the feeling that this is what Anabric and the directors want from The Bastards and also Meatshield.

We all seem to be compatant pilots in pvp. This might not be solo pvp but just pvp in general and this is great to have in a corp but what I would like to see is that every pilot is amazing at pvp. It is something that takes time I’m sure and we will work at it as time goes by to  hone our skills into a wrecking ball of hurt and pain.

I wish I had enough isk to buy each meat 10 frigates and tell them to go solo pvp until they lose each one of them as this has improved me as a pvp pilot to no end. I want them to have 10 frigates and at the end of the 10 frigates they have to come back with at least a solo kill.

I know that 10 loses to 1 victory is maybe a “why?” question to most but I can honestly say that with every loss mail that the pilot has in the ship they fly, that there will be lessons learned:

Finding a target
Risk versus reward
Engagement tactics

When you solo pvp you are also a scout and you are a FC. You are flying in a fleet of 1. You set a destination and you look for targets. That’s what a scout does. They look for targets. You then find a target and now the FC part comes in.

Do you engage this target?
What is he/she most likely to fly?
What is their usual fitting for that ship?
What have they killed in the past?
Do they normally have friends?

All these questions are things FC’s think about when taking you out and about… Well it’s what I think about when I FC. It’s the risk versus reward question.

Finally comes the engagement tactics and this is simply down to:

Skill points
Pilot skill
Ship and fittings

The better Solo pilot you are the better you are at pvp in general and this will rub off on everything you do pvp related in the game. From simple scouting to FCing a fleet or just flying with a group. If you can normally 2vs1 easy and you take on a 10 man fleet with 5 pilots all capable of doing the same as you then well you 70% of the time going to come out on top. It’s basically everybody doing a 2vs1 and because you are so in tune with each others way of flying, it will mean as a unit working together you will be much better than the other 10 pilots who only occasionally fly together.

I think closing the recruitment is a good thing for the time being as this will make sure that the people we have now focus on getting better individualy and us working all together will be a very good thing for the Alliance.

I am excited…