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I have just come on coms when I get instructed to bring a destroyer and join up in Evati. We doing destroyer roam with Johnny at the FC position and it looks like they having fun. “Eric you missed a Loki kill” is not something I want to hear as it makes me sad to not be on the kill mail but good job to those who did get on.

I join up with them in Evati and it looks like the systems are quite around this area so we decide to go into true low sec.

It seems that in New Eden you have two types of low security. You have FW space which happens to be in low security and then you have true low security.

Faction Warfare space have beacons/plexes in them and you will find fights in the plexes. In true low sec you have nothing but gates and stations. It’s like null security but you get gate and station fire when engaging on them.

So we fly about the systems and then we get told there is a big 10 man T3 cruiser fleet coming down towards us in the pipe we going up in. So we all get to a safe and wait for them to fly through. They smack talk in local and we try and say nothing back but one of them is German and a couple of our guys are as well so they chat while they look for us and we just warping safe to safe as a T3 cruiser will eat a T1 destroyer like it’s a chocolate bar.

They eventually leave but we figure they going to fight someone so we might as well follow them and see where they going. We might make a possible 1v1 into a 3 way split with us whoring on T3 Cruiser kill mails. Hey nobody said pirates are honest people and you should never think that… The only thing we honour is Ransoms and 1v1 requests.

We follow and eventually we get bored so decide to go to Eszur and find 10 frigates and some destroyers split in 2 plexes. We figure they playing the, if we 5 or more in each plex that nobody will come in as we are many pilots and well they were wrong. Johnny sends in half our fleet to go see if we could get all 10 in the small plex and they fall for the bait.

The rest of the fleet jump in and warps to the small where the other 5 frigates land with ua on the gate and we all activate on the same time. We land asking for prime target and Johnny says to just murder them all.

It’s a free for all shoot what you can and kill as many as you can before going down time. We were not expecting to win this fight with them being more than us but figured it would be a laugh to just alpha strike them and see what happens.

It’s amazing to see targets explode but something I can tell any new pilot now is if you fly frigates to stay with T1 until you know what you doing and then T2 and only then Faction Frigates. A bunch of T1 frigates and then 1 Succubus are all free to shoot and you wonder who got shot first. The Succubus went down very quickly with everybody going for the faction frigate first. Then we just went mental on them and they just died and some got out in time… lucky bastards.

Navy Hookbil

GF was given into local from them so we replied. They had fun, we had fun and we got the loot on the field. Not a bad day out.

Now if only I could have gotten onto the Loki kill…