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So I am looking into making money on the side and I am starting to look at some PI as it is a passive income. That means I setup shop, spend some money to do so and then it runs itself and by getting items every 5 days or so you make money. How much is different from system to system but money for doing very little work is a good thing.

I came straight into piracy and never went into industrial or mission running other than the few I ran in the beginning and the tutorials they gave me in pilot academy. Most my isk comes from blowing up people and looting their ships and now a bit of PI on the side to just help me make a profit.

It’s strange but as you get better at the art of killing ships you will find that you just make more money because you not spending money on losses. I guess that’s why the guys in the Bastards are so rich… They good at what they do and I hope to be as happily wealthy as they are one day.

I want to still look at other things in what New Eden has to offer me as a young capsule pilot so I am starting to do some research as to what other careers there are for pilots.

I figured as I am doing this I might as well write about my findings and want to know what you guys reading this want to learn about. Is there something you have seen or heard about in the game and thought “I wonder what it is like to do that” or “What do I need to become this?”. You want to fly a Titan and be the big man with the big ship? Run a mining empire? Run your own corporation? Make stuff?

I will do the research for you and speak to people and get their insight into the careers and write it down so you can learn about it and see if this is something that you want or even could do from the pros.

I will off course not give away any secrets that they give me if they give any and will be focusing more on how they approach being a pilot in New Eden and how it is different from say you and I.

Let’s see what excites you…