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If you have flown with me as a pilot you will know I am a very nice person but I can also be a pushy person and also a bit of a bastard so joining the bastards seems to just fit in with who I am.

I am a bastard sometimes because I like to push people in doing things they don’t want to do. People always tell me that people will do things in their own time and when they ready and I say that this is true but if you want a quick turnaround just throw them in the deep end and see if they swim.  2 things can happen.

  1. They fail at it and then learn where they have made a mistake and will improve so even in failure there is a positive outcome.
  2. They will succeed in it and it will just snowball into more of the same.

So I don’t normally pilot on weekends as it’s my time to relax away from my cockpit. I happen to feel like shooting people today but first I need more ships so shopping and hauling is on the table for me. I get this done and on comms we have mostly meats, myself and Sarcos. We decide to go on a bit of a roam.

I want the meats to learn how to FC and we have 2 Meats that have shown themselves so far as possible good FC’s but I like to push people and today I am in just one of those moods so I spot one of our newer members Josef Chip and I nominate him as FC.

He immediately refused but all of us agreed that he is FC and we not doing anything until he tells us otherwise. So it’s settled. Josef is FC and is busy trying to find out where he wants to take us. I help him with some tips that I have picked up now in the last 2 months of constant FCing and we get a destination of Auner.

Off we go but first we have to jump into high sec and do a bit of sneaking around as there is a gate camp at our home gate into our normal path but that was not really a problem so away we go.

Problem with weekends is that there is not much going on. I feel it’s a bit of a lazy day for most but eventually make Auner with no kills. I know from Fcing you feel its your job to get the kills and I know now that this is not always the case. So we keep searching in and around Auner area. There has got to be someone right?

Indeed there is.

“Hawk and Wolf on scan at a small plex” I tell my FC in Dal.

I give some advice about the fight in that we ether going home in pods or winning and laughing. Josef decided to go balls deep and we all warped in. They on the outside and we normally don’t like this type of fighting because there are 18 pilots in space and we in 6 T1 frigates and there is 2 Assault frigs on field so that a possible 10 friends we don’t know about. Hawk first we get told by FC so we start shooting. He is going down fast but just as he goes into armour he started to rep. My alarm bells are ringing and I start spamming my dscan. It could be a trap?

We keep at the Hawk and he is going down slowly. Our fearless leader unfortunately goes down first. He must have not gotten the memo that the Cpt. of the ship goes down at the end and not the beginning so I take over and we breaking the hawk’s tank slowly and he goes down. Wolf next please and because our meats are amazing pilots we find 2 of them have had him scramed since the beginning and we start shooting him.

His shields go down and we start nibbling away with his armour. We get about half way and because I took over I forgot to check Dscan. I do and see a sacrilege and some frigates on short scan.  Back up…

Get out!!! I say on coms and we all warp away safely as the sacrilege lands.

Sarcos is glad I checked Dscan because he was going tunnel vision on the wolf to try to kill him so we got out safely but we actually a bit saddened by the fact we could not kill the wolf.

We fly back and with our heads held high to meet up with our FC who has gone and re-shipped. I unfortunately had to dock up as I have some stuff to do so send them on their way to get more kills.

We were upset about the wolf but that type of stuff happens in space so you just have to move on to the next fight.

I just wanted to give a massive shout out to Josef Chip for just going for it. You did well my good friend, you did well.

O Yes… We got the Wolf by the way. Apparently the sacrilege was not with him and finished him off for us… So even though you run away you still sometimes win fights. Sarcos will be a happy man.