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I have a nice day to myself and feel its solo time so go looking for things to shoot. I set destination for Egmar and away I go…

I am trying out an Incursus (Tier 1 Gallente Frigate) and because it’s a brawler ship need to stay close range. I find a Tristan in a novice and because the Tristan is also normally brawler fit I figure it’s time to test this little fit out.

I warp in and start burning for the Tristan. The Tristan wants to party so starts to deploy its drones and sets all 5 of them pesky little critters on my ship. The Tristan is a little bit faster than me so can stay out of my blaster range and because I can’t hit the ship I figure I might as well start shooting his dps – the drones. I think he must have not liked this very much because he retracted his drones and then warped away.

I keep going towards Egmar when I spot a Incursus in a small and what better way to test a ships fit than Incursus vs Incursus so activate the gate.

I find he is 26km away from me so burn for him. I get point and start shooting him. He is tanking me well and so am I to him. This could be a draw match but I notice he is not repping anymore and trying to burn away from me as soon as he gets into low armour. Now normally I don’t really have to worry about this because with a kite fit ship you just change you orbit a bit and keep spaming orbit like your life depends on it. With brawling it’s a win or lose the fight thing so he just gets out of my blaster range at 10% hull left and then because he is faster than me again gets out of scram range and warps away… I really need to train my Navigation skills higher.

Tekei has logged in and wants to join my roam of death but un be known to Tekei there has been no deaths so far but I never say no to friends joining me so Tekei is on his way with a Rifter.

He joins me in Egmar after I am looking for a Slasher but for the life of me could not find this Slasher. He must have been in a safe spot and I wish I had my prober here so I could try to find the pesky thing.

I jump into Arnher and spot a Rifter in a novice plex so its brawler and both of us are brawlers so why not. I activate the gate and as I land see him 42km away. “O God it’s a cloaky FW idiot!” I tell Tekei. I just happen to align to him and as he cloaks start to approach manually to where he was. Now I know he was 40km away from the beacon and Tekei is coming in now so he orbits me while I burn straight for the spot where he was. This has not happened before but we de cloak him and scram him before he could warp away. Cloaky rifter has gone down.

Johnny and Marco have come on coms and want to join us on our amazing 2 man frigate de cloaker killer roam so they bring a Hawk (Tier 2 Caldari Frigate) flown by Johnny and a Ishtar (Tier 2 Gallente Cruiser) flown by Marco.

We meet up in Egmar and then I scout us into Gulm. I scan down targets but something smells funny about a Myrmidon in a large plex. It’s got to be bait but because we feeling silly today and we don’t care about our ships too much, we decide to go in and kill it.

This was the most fun fight I have had in a long time. We warped in at range to see what is going on but as we do we see a Moa and a Vexor on scan. We land to see the Vexor and Moa trying to kill the Myrm and we figure we might as well get on the kill mails so start burning for it. As we start burning a fleet of frigates from T1 to T2 land and the fight is going crazy. I don’t think the Frigates where with the Moa and Vexor so me, Tekei and Johnny start burning in faster. We want kills dam you and kills are what we going to get.

It was a back and forth fights with 3 groups shooting each other and trying to get the upper hand.  Johnny and I had to bail out Marco as he got pointed by an Interceptor and we finally got the Myrm down when I switched my point onto the Moa from a wolf. It was a beast of a tank and I was about to pop when I finally warped away to the sun but not before killing the wolf that was pestering me.

As I landed there was a Dominix and was Smart bomb fit so down goes my ship and my pod. I am in Auner station and get into a kite Condor to fly to Gulm as fast as I could.

The Moa was there and still tanking!! When a second wave of the frigates landed and we were forced off the Moa as they were more interested in us than the shiny prize or they might have been with the Moa but we decide to get off field and all give a GF in local. That was not a good fight but an Ef (Epic Fight). I was buzzing from all the manual piloting going on and it was just surreal how this all started with 1 x Myrm in a Large.

A small note to self and all that read this is to always update your clone when you get pod expressed. I never fly with any implants so not to bothered by the pod loss but one of our pilots has lost 2 pods and has forgotten to update to lose more than 10 days’ worth of skills. It’s not a nice thing to do and when I realized I did not update it myself before undocking in the Condor it could have easily have been me in the same position.