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Today I got my first solo kill with a brawler. Whoo Hoo!

I have bought about 10 brawling ships to find out which one is to my liking and I think that I have found a winner… the Incursus. It’s a very versatile little bugger and I have seen many people fit it differently to get kills so it looks like this is the bad boy for me.

You can fit it duel rep, single rep, or even a MWD. Hybrid guns are amazing things and if you have not trained for them I urge you to give it a go as a frigate with hybrids are just power house dps machines. The medium extended Merlin is just as good but I find it’s a bit of a 1 fit wonder and you either going to out tank people or not. I am still playing around with some possible duel rep Merlin or duel web Merlin. Not sure if it could work but could be interesting if I can.

There are some things that I have noticed about myself when trying to find a brawler ship and that is looking at people who kill my ship and then saying to myself “that ship killed me so must be better than what I have and I should change my ship to that one.” I think this is something a lot of us newer players go through and I believe it’s down to one reason. We want to win as a pilot from the start. “I have a ship fitted and I want to win every fight. If I lose, it’s not because I am bad but because that ship is better than my ship and if I want to win I need to have that ship.

If you have found yourself saying this then firstly tell yourself off and instead of thinking negative about your ship start writing down a list of things you should be fighting and not fighting in the ship you have now. “That rifter killed me so maybe not engage them until I have better skills“. Next time you see a rifter you know not to engage. This is also dependant on the pilot’s skills and killboard off course.

I am guilty of thinking the same thing but have luckily seen my error ways early and chose this ship because of what its good at and that’s active tank. It’s something I like to do clearly pointed out by my Breacher and my Condor fits so instead of choosing a ship because people tell you it is good rather look at what you like to do and then find the ship that fills you piloting requirements.

I like reppers and the thrill of multi-tasking your reppers and your cap booster while trying to remember you have a drone and keep range and the list goes on and on but that’s just me. I like the stress it brings to every fight I do and knowing that if I make a mistake, I die but not making a mistake means you can take on things you normally could not take on like brawling bigger more dps ships.

I guess that’s why I want to see if I can repper tank the merlin and every ship I find in the game. If I can’t fly it with one repper or two strapped on for extra measure then I will not be flying it.

So I like to active tank. It’s me and I am happy to have found this out early.

What you need to do now is look at the ships you want to fly and look at them again. Is the ship fitting into the type of game you want to play?

We took on a guy in a griffin yesterday in a large plex. The guy had no dps on us but could we catch him? Hell no. All three of us could not even target him because he had us perma jammed all the time. He must have been laughing his ass of at us but we had fun trying and I am sure he had fun jamming us.

It’s these tiny things that make your pilot career a long-lasting one. In whatever career you choose to do the most important thing is be yourself and fly what you want to fly. Want to be the guy in the griffin that just supports the fleet and never really kills things but knows that if it was not for you, one of your buddies would have been killed if you did not land that last-minute jam on the other guy… Then do it.

You know what you like. Now find the ship that does it and go have fun.