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Ithica Hawk wanted to have some fun so we thought we would change this Monday to a bit of a challenge day.

The meatshields vs the Bastards was advertised on our message board for some time and we even had top-secret sections created so that bastards could not see what the meats where bringing or tactics created and vice versa.

Today was the day of days and the rules where set in place so we all knew what we were doing.

I have been planning a similar event but open across New Eden which I will be launching at some time this year so meant that I could see how such an event would work and the outcomes tweaks I needed to think about when doing my event.

I elected myself to Referee as I am a bastard when it comes to rules and breaking them.

Now I know what you thinking with all the bastards experience and skill points in the 40 million + with Alliance Tournament pods it should have been a white wash but Ithica had thought about this and the bastards were restricted to only t1 frigs with t1 modules.

The meats could fly t1 frigs with t2 modules and they were even allowed to have a flag-ship of the T2 Frigate kind. They could use this in all the matches if they wanted but once lost it was lost forever.

The process was pretty simple. I created 5 safe spots in system where we would fight and I warped in at 0 and dropped a cargo container. They were in safe spots away from each other so they could not dscan each other to see ship names and get a possible tactic advantage.

I ran 10 min rounds with a 100km range field. If you go more than 100km range from me sitting at 0 then you DQ and have to leave the field. We had Lord LazyGhost in a Rapier cloaked just off 100km just in case we get any trouble and we would have all stopped shooting and just gone straight for the target instead of each other so we were safe. I mean who the hell would warp in on 18 pilots that are flashy red?

I did a countdown in alliance chat and ran it with military precision with timers running and gave a time left count every 2 min.

Once the fight starts the FC of each team would warp them in at what range they have chosen to me and start fighting right away.

We had some basic rules set out as “don’t do’s” like pod kills and boosters but all in all everyone was up for the fight and ready to prove their worth.

A week before the event we had a lot of big mouthing from the meats in our message board about how they going to wipe the floor with us and we even found out that they approached Johnny to kill the bastards instead of them in the fights… sneaky bastards (well they bastards in the making right?).

So we had some amazing fights with the bastards running an armour incursus fleet with a maulus damping which worked well for them so the first round went to the bastards.


Because I was refereeing I could join both chats and it was interesting to see what each side was thinking and changing for the next fight.

The bastards decided that the fight was one-sided to their advantage so decide to change nothing. Unfortunately the meats kind of expected this behaviour so fielded something to counter it and ended up with a draw.

BSTRD 1.5 – 0.5 MEATS

The bastards then decided to run a pure Rifter fleet that Anabaric created and apparently the goal was to out dps them and just all shoot one target at a time. This would have worked like a charm if the fit Anabaric fleeted would have been wolfs (Tier 2 Rifters) which the fit was for and only realized after the games he had made a boo boo. The meats wiped the bastards out in a quick sweep with little losses to them but all bastards in pods.

BSTRD 1.5 – 1.5 MEATS

In a true sense of genius they decided to us their “lock card” against the bastard’s numbers and fit used for the next fight. This was one of the things the meats where aloud to do. They could ask the bastards to fly the exact fit with the exact fleet members again but only do this once.

This was a very interesting fight as the bastards quickly adapted to the fit showing their experience in working together as a unit and it was a very close match but unfortunately lost again to the meats.

BSTRD 1.5 – 2.5 MEATS

The bastards not wanting to show defeat decided to do the distance game and fielded kite missile ships constructed of Breachers and Condors. The meats went for a pure brawl fit setup and one kite ship. They decided to roll out their flagship which was a brawl fit Hawk (Tier 2 Caldari Assault Frigate).

The fight was a very long and hard one with nether wanting to make the first move and when the timer got to about 6 minutes left they just went crazy and just went for it. Unfortunately with the bastards being able to keep range on the meats meant that they were able to shoot them at range allowing them to slowly kill each meat and not allowing the meats to get to many kills. The 10 minute round came to an end with time running out and the bastards had one that fight.

BSTRD 2.5 – 2.5 MEATS

So it ended up being a draw with the bastards as a collective alliance claiming victory. The meats for showing the vets they mean business and the vets claiming they were stabbed in the back by the leader Anabaric and his rifter fit.

I think that the draw just shows you how good a feeder corporation meatshield really is. They had their own FC and took it upon themselves to sort out fits for each other and do tactics on the fly to counter what the bastards brought to the field. I am super proud of each one of them. Going up against 2 people who where in an Alliance tournament is not an easy task and to get a draw is just amazing.

I also feel very proud of the Bastards as it shows they know what they doing and how to teach the future pirates of New Eden how to survive in low security space like a true champions in the making. I would love to have seen what we could do in a real alliance tournament that is held each year but I don’t think we will ever have that type of lose isk lying around.

Great fun was had and I hope we do it again…