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This is long and I hope you enjoy the hard work I put into this.

This was a very interesting one to research as it looks like there are 3 types of corporation theft that goes on.

  1. My corporation/CEO is doing something I really don’t agree with and I am going to leave but while I hate them all I might as well cash out and take what I can.
  2. I am going to lie my way in and try to see how much I can get for as little work as possible.
  3. I’m in this for the long run and I’m going to cash out big time… hopefully.

I wanted to just focus on corp theft in general but because there are three different corporation thefts happening I might as well cover all three. I also wanted to write about things to prevent this from happening so you know how to avoid it if possible. So with this let’s begin.

I Hate You I Am Leaving So I Am Taking Stuff!

This one is a tricky one as the pilot never really intended to do any corporation theft when joining the corporation. They are you and I. While you are very happy at the moment in the corporation you in and with its member’s, things seem to very quickly spiral out of control.

It could be that you don’t agree with the CEO direction he is taking the corporation into and it could also be because you have been flying with them for such a long time and you still don’t get praise or just feel like a pilot that’s there to make them money. Sometimes its small things that build up or large things you just cannot agree with but ether way it’s a personal thing that affects only you personally and with this your evil twisted side comes out and you leave the corporation.

The problem is not having an upset pilot but more how you handle this pilot. If you handle it incorrectly you upset them even more and then they feel like the whole corporation is now against them and once this seed has been planted in their head its game over for the pilots trust and loyalty to that corporation. Dates start flashing in the pilot’s head about how he needs to move all his ships out of system and what date he/she is leaving.

It’s amazing how organized a pilot with hatred can be and also how low you as a pilot can go once angered. Friendships you have had over years seem to crumble in one sweep move as to say “Here is the finger, if you don’t care about me and what I have done for this corporation then I don’t care about any of you and thus I am taking what I can get my hands on.

Now if you think that this type of corp theft is mostly small things or small amounts then think again. If you have been playing EVE for more than a few months like I have then you will most likely have heard of an Alliance called “BOB” (Band of Brothers) . Well it was an Alliance that was fighting with the Goons a long time ago. One of the directors of the alliance left the Alliance but not before steeling a lot of stuff and disbanding the Alliance before moving over to Goons.

So yes it can be small things like 100 million in items in your open hanger access or it could be closing down an Alliance and steeling everything it owns.

How to avoid these is very simple but the hardest one of all. CEO and Director Relations with each other and how they treat the pilots under them are very important. If a pilot is on all the time and doing things then give them credit for it in some way. Rewards / Monthly targets will drive that pilot to do something they can achieve but remember to reward them for it.

If one pilot is not happy with something someone has done or said you need to resolve this quickly by having an open door policy for discussions with your directors and CEO.

Real life friends are great to have in New Eden but sometimes having them in the same corp is not such a good idea.

Things like “This is Steve and he is a RL friend so I am making him a director” will really piss me off if I have been in a corp for a long time doing everything for the corp to then not get directorship but because Steve is a Real Life friend gets it just because he knows the CEO… That shit is just not on.

In and Out = Profit

Where the pilot mentioned above had no initial idea of doing corporation theft this one does. It’s his sole goal. I want to infiltrate the corporation and get as much stuff (ships &modules) as I can.

Now you would think that the first pilot has nothing to do with this one? Well you are wrong.

The pilot in the first one never went in thinking corp theft would make him isk but if they walked away with a lot of it, then well the wheels start turning and guess what, in and out for profit pilot is born.

If I can infiltrate the next corporation and get higher in the command chain then well I can make more money. I want to try to get director level fast and thus target corporations that are newer and need experienced pilots help but maybe have a lot of isk backing them.

Things this pilot will be looking for is “We are new to piloting and we want to do Level 4’s so we need an experienced pilot to help us out.” Followed by “we are rl friends and buy plexes for isk” now to any person out there wanting an opportunity. This is the one you want.

They are new and they are plexing for isk at the moment but want to do level 4’s. You can then start dropping things in chat to say you are experienced with what they want to do and you even know the best fit to do level 4’s fast. This will normally be Faction BS with officer fits and guess what. You need Tier 2 rigs and because they can’t fit the tier 2 rigs, a simple trade me your ships and I will fit the rigs for you so we can start doing them fast and then boom. The ships are gone and he drops corp.

It would have taken you a month or so to get to know them and build trust and then you get paid.

5 x Faction BS are a cool 5 Billion isk and if they have any officer fits then well it is even more.

Heck I have even been told about a corporation of new pilots that bought their accounts because they did not want to skill from start and had bought a carrier as it’s the biggest ship they could fly and thought it was really cool. What made it worse is that the corporation was an open corp so what’s mine is yours and you free to use it but if you lose it you pay for it and all in the corp was fine with this as they knew each other well, so placed some shiny ships in an open hanger and then boom. Pilot of fortune comes along and just drags the ships into his/her personal hangar and all modules and quits corporation.

Now while some in New Eden will agree they were silly pilots for doing this and it’s an extreme case, it’s just there to show you that to make isk in this is very easy or very hard. A pilot that has no access to any corp hanger cannot see what is available to steal. So if you have an open hanger policies then make sure its stuff that’s cheap. If you ever get new players and one is a corp thief, make it so that it will not be worth their time.

Remember that once you have been branded a corporation thief, that it’s game over and getting into another corporation will be impossible unless the CEO and Directors don’t read forums and do pilot research or you can lie your way in.

The best corp thief will nibble at assets in a hangar. Why steal big and be branded when you can steal small amounts and do it for over a long time. What you want to do is get close to the CEO and Directors and once they start mentioning something is going on and investigations are happening you know the game is up so you ether cool down and don’t take stuff so it blows over or you cash out and steal what you can.

I Want To Win At Corporation Theft?

There has been a lot of BIG cop theft happen in New Eden and most corporations don’t like to talk about it too much but sometimes it so big that well you can’t keep it quiet. This could be starting a bank in New Eden and stealing not only the corp assets but a lot of player’s assets in one sweep.

Build a Logistics mega corporation and alliance and then simply steal a lot of money from it.

Unfortunately these players are masters at it and will leave you guessing whether it was just simple long-winded corp theft that was planned from the start or if it was just a simple CEO vs Director gone wrong and it just happened.

From what I can gather it’s normally both.

You see it’s a Scam and a Corp theft all in one.

This is planned and instigated over a long period of time and the only person who knows this is the corp thief or set of thief’s working together. They have a set amount in their head they would like to get above and will look for opportunities to achieve this. If it is not available then they will start looking into what they need to create to make it possible. The first New Eden bank was a clear Planned to execution corp theft that just nobody had seen coming and those who did never invested.

These corp thefts are all about building trust over a long time period and being true to your word. You give me money and I will triple it scam is stupid in nature as once you fooled me I tell others and you guessed it. The only other people who fall for it are people I have not told or know about it.

But you give me money and I pay you 5% interest every month on that isk and at any time you feel like removing your money you can. This sounds fishy, so you test the waters and invest 5 million. “I am ok to lose this so why not.” So you leave it there for 2 months and guess what. End of the month I get 5% every month. So you start investing more money. Soon you have 1.5 billion there and you think holly crap I am getting 5% of this money every month and I am just reinvesting it in so I can make more money. I’m going to invest all my money from now on and the more I invest the more I get, it’s freaking amazing. You tell friends and they do the same.

Now take that over 3-4 years and then simply stop paying people back. Imagine you get 1% in New Eden to invest in your corp theft/scam. That’s about 5,000 pilots give or take and let’s say each one invests 1 billion over the 3-4 years and guess what. Pay day is massive.

That’s a lot of money right there and I think you might find that there where people with more than 1 billion in there so it’s crazy how much they walked away with.

Now I know what you saying. Hold on this is a scam and not a corp theft but you see it is both. The bank even though the thief (yes it was 1 person) walked away with the money it was started as a corp that wanted to do good things. It was that one person that was the thief and I can most likely tell you now that the thief was the person calling the shots and making sure every single pilot in that corp did what they wanted for the end goal to happen. It was planned and the idea could have been created by the thief to start with and just brought in people as they needed them.

I hope this has helped you understand what it takes to be a corporation thief in New Eden and I hope it explains how to prevent them from your corporation.

I have as before contacted some people who got mentioned to me as corp theft pilots and one of them came back and answered some questions I had. These are his words and I have changed nothing.


What is your character name?
Nashh Kadavr

Is your character anything like you in real life?
In some ways; drug use, alcoholism, womanizing and being a genius evil mastermind are traits me and my avatar share. Ultra violence, murder and rape are reserved for my avatar only.

How and why did you choose to become a corporation thief?
To make money and tears, mainly money, I don’t really like upsetting people, it makes me sad too.

What is a typical day like for a corp thief?
Pretty boring. It takes time and effort to get people to trust you and you sometimes have to talk about shit you actually have no interest in. Going on corp roams or operations that suck are mind numbing too.

What are the most and least rewarding aspects of this path in New Eden?
Being successful and pilfering a few billion isk is nice but compared to time invested it is not necessarily the best isk/hr. The more time you spend with your target the harder it gets to eventually do the dirty on them.

How long did it take to skill for this career?
Natural born blagger yo. Do you mean my character? Well depends what corp you are infiltrating. You need to have the skills to be able to join in with whatever they do. If you are joining a corp that has isk they have it for a reason, the can fly expensive stuff so you need to be able to do the same.

What RL skills are needed for this type career path?
Be a smart ass, be friendly, have a cold heart or drink more to forget how evil you are.

Would you choose to become a corp thief again if you could make the decision?
If the right opportunity comes along I would consider it. Personally I won’t go out of my way looking for a corp to steal from.

What do you wish you knew (but didn’t) when you finally got into corporation theft?
Be patient. Not my strong point. A good understanding of hangar accesses helps.

What are the best opportunities for someone wanting to become a corporation thief?
Wormholes used to be good but WH corps are pretty tight on security these days. Without too much effort you should be able to get out with a nice boat or two though. Expect to be able to do this only once though. Wormholeers share corp-thief-black-list, once you are on it you are unlikely to be accepted into any other WH corp.

What are your fears doing this career long-term?
Non, it’s a short-term fix. You need a decent skilled character to be able to do it as no corporation worth robbing will accept a shit char. You will simply run out of characters to do this long-term. The isk/ hr can be pretty poor so unless you like the tears and death threats I wouldn’t make this a long-term career in EVE. But that’s just my opinion.

Is there anything that will make this career path more or less attractive in the future for you?
Time invested with people you are going to rob is also time away from the people you actually want to play with.

How much isk can you make if you are a good corp thief?
I have some friends who walked away with in excess of 10 billion. The most I walked with is 3.5 bil for 20 days’ worth of solid effort.

What are some related careers that I should consider before becoming a corp thief?
Joining a mission running corp and blowing up one of their expensive boats?

Any “words of advice” for new players reading this and wanting to do what you do?
Good luck, be patient, be cool, don’t ask too many questions. Other than that I recommend having at least some experience in the field of your target corporation.