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So you will have noticed that I was not piloting for some time if you looked at my killboard and because I have been doing these career posts and I did not realize how long it would take to do the research for it. It takes a long time… I slipped a bit with my piloting. I’m sorry I feel bad. My comms also was not working correctly so that was really frustrating me because it worked for 5 min and then it was gone and I could not hear them and they could not hear me so it’s a bit of a AGGGHHHH moment.

Vent over… everything is now fixed and all is back on track. Yay!

So I joined a bit late in the roam of DOOM!

Johnny was leading the fleet out and we had a new guy on comms but did not see who it was or why he was with us but its open roam so maybe he wanted to come shoot people and we were the natural choice.

So the DOOM fleet had in as much time as 2 hours not killed anything by the time I had come on comms. This happens and is nothing to do with the FC but just with pilots in space and fleets flying about.

So I slipped my way into my cockpit. I got given a destination and off I went to catch up. The events that followed was not really exciting as it was ether we engage and 20 man fleet with T1 and 2 Frigs and die or we just stay back and pick them off but then local spiked and it was a little crazy so we decided that maybe this was not for us so we moved on.

We went down to Auner way and tried to bait a fight at a gate… never a clever move and they semi outsmarted Tibbs in thinking they could be engaged but it was not a flashy red so Tibbs got gate gunned. I say that the semi outsmarted Tibbs as in his overview has apparently never been the same since the bastards vs meats fights and what was flashy was not and gate guns went to town on him.

We figured it was time to move back home when Johnny died to the gang on the other side and our FC’s where all but myself and I was not sure about my comms so was a bit iffy in taking the fleet from there. So that’s that for the night.

Well not quite.

You see I have been trying to get -10 for some time. Not true -10 that’s another entry for a later date but just -10.

I needed a pod kill or two to just bump it to that so asked what people wanted to do and we all agreed to go high sec ganking to see if I could get it and also just have fun. We had some people leave fleet. So we put out feelers in other pirate corporations. (Yes we are friends with each other) We get 4 more pilots and we are now 9 pilots. Damit we need 12 or more to kill an Orca which is always guaranteed to give you tears and good loot as they hold all the ore.

Well we can with 4 pilots kill a Mackinaw (Tier 2 Mining Barge). So we search and search and finally find an Ice belt some distance away with 2 x Mackinaw pilots in it so we figure its game on.

We all fly there as fast as we can and buy ships. We have a cloak scout in system and gets into position.

We undock from system and warp to the gate. 4 Catalysts are at the ready. We jump in. Warp to the scout at range and down goes the 1st Mack and his pod.

Pretty happy with this but still my sec status is not -10 and still on -9 so it has got to be done again.

What took me by surprise is that if I was in a mining barge and I was Mining and I see this ball of 4 pilots land and blow up a ship next to me. I would maybe go dock up and just wait for them to leave or go mine somewhere els for a bit. No the asteroid belt has people in it and nobody moves out at all. They just keep going so if you ever want to gank miners. That system is the place.

We reship and wait our timers out. This time we are taking thrasher’s but I fit my one with a sneaky sensor booster for lock speed script fitted. I want the pod. The ship is a bonus but the pod is the main target for me here.

So in a rinse and repeat basis we do the same thing. I figure it takes 3 shots to kill it and if I can get my first 3 shots off faster than others it means I can just focus on the pod. So we warp in and I get my three shots off and down the Mack goes and his pod.

Sarcos was upset with not getting on the pod. I am sorry Sarcos, I cheated. I feel bad about it but at the same time, I now have -10.

We fly back home with our heads held high and with 660 Million worth of kills I feel pretty good about myself.

Thanks to Johnny for organizing everything so fast and getting the ships sorted for us.

It was good fun.