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Apparently this is my 50th Diary entry and I am actually shocked that I have reached this milestone… My goal has always been to write not for others but for myself. I wanted to write down things as and when I have learned about them and if someone found the diaries and found the information useful then well it’s a bonus.

I still do this today. It’s my thoughts about things in New Eden and if you learn something from it then why not share it. I know, I know, I am a Pirate and we all bastards with no heart that look at high sec care bears with tears and pinata ships in missions that if you are lucky you get paid out big but most pirates are actually very nice people. We just have a sick sense of humour and like to have fun.

Sometimes our fun is not so fun for you but that’s not really our problem and more yours. That’s how I see it but then that’s just me.

So I just wanted to say a Massive shout out to each person that has read my diaries and enjoyed them. Thanks

Thanks to an AMAZING bunch of people in the Bastards Alliance for looking after me as a new player and showing me what New Eden has to offer me and teaching me how not to suck at killing pilots.

You guys are just freaking amazing!

So I guess now would be a great time to look at my initial list I had set up in Finding A Worthy Pirate Corp.

My list was:

1) Killers (Very important) – Indeed they are Killers
2) Top Pirate Corp (I want to learn from the best) – The corp has moved up 5 places in the top 100 corporation since I started with Meatshield so well done to all. We are also ranked in 9th Place for Pirate Corporations in an Alliance.
3) Active Members (I don’t want to dock and find they all sitting on chairs) – We sure as hell are not sitting in chairs and we killing every day.
4) Friendly Pirates (Willing to help and mold me into a killing machine) – I think so.

There was one thing I actually forgot when creating this list. It’s the most important thing of all and should really be in number 1 position. That is: Will I have fun?

I cannot tell you a day where I have not had fun flying with this Alliance and every day I look forward to slipping into my cockpit and getting on comms where LordLazy Ghost is slacking people off or Tibbs is shouting at me to get in a frigate and get to Egmar as he wants to kill things…

This sort of life style in New Eden is not for every pilot out there as we have seen with people coming and going in Meatshield but can honestly tell you that if fun is what you want in New Eden then there is no better place than in this Alliance. We have some amazing Meatshield pilots coming up and showing their worth and it only means the bastards Alliance is growing in numbers. Numbers of skilled pilots who can hold their own when push comes to shove clearly demonstrated in the meats vs bastards tournament we had.

When I started these diaries I also said never trust people in New Eden. It’s something that was told to me by many. The problem is that in the Bastards it’s all about trust. Yes we fly spaceships together and we have fun doing so but we also trust each other and if needed it’s these pilots who has my back in a fight and I have theirs.

Corp mates I think not…

Friends are the correct term to use.

I am a pirate and I have friends.