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Egmar mate, we in Egmar going towards EvatiTibbs informs me.

I figure it’s incursus time so slip into the cockpit and set my destination for Evati.

I start burning towards Egmar to join them there but once I hit Klagori I figure I might as well have a solo roam to Egmar its only 3 jumps so why not.

I find a kestrel in a mission and I have not engaged one of these because every time I go in solo they warp away or they cloak if they in plexes. This guy is in a mission so maybe he will not see me coming and I can maybe snag him. Unfortunately today is not my day and he does see me land and warps away even though he was 64km away from me.

I see the pilots name and see that the pilot is very new so maybe just maybe they very green still and will warp back to the activation gate to finish their mission. I warp out and back at 0. Now I am waiting. I see the ship name on long scan so change to short and nothing but I figure give it 2 min. They must think that I will warp out but as a pirate you learn patience to get solo kills and time is on my side. If you want to finish the mission, you have to warp to me.

I orbit at 500m and as I start burning into my orbit when I see him on short… excellent. I figure this should be interesting and they land at 10km. I start to target but because I started my orbit it pushed me away from where the pilot was landing so by the time I targeted the pilot I am 11km away and no scram so they warp away…  damit

I think to myself game is up as the pilot will not warp back here again and as I think this the pilot leaves system.

On we go. I jump into Orfold and see a Burst on scan in a novice so figure why not. I am technically solo up to the point of me catching the fleet up so anything is fair game. I land in the plex to find the burst engaging me first and start to engage back. I guess this person wants to fight. The burst does hardly any damage so dies quickly.

System is empty with other targets so Egmar next. By this ime the fleet has jumped into Evati and having a look in there so my Solo roam gets extended to Evati. I hit Dscan and find a Breacher.


I am not sure about this because I fly a kite breacher but most people fly brawler’s so it’s a 50/50. Ether I am going to die from being kited to death or I am going to have a good brawl fight. I have friends 2 jumps away just encase its kite fitted and I can outlast the dps for some time but even if not I have not engaged a brawler breacher with the incursus so why not.

It was a very fun fight as the breacher was indeed brawler fit but my skills and losses with this ship meant I kind of know what I am doing now so the breacher went down in flames.

I joint up with the fleet after feeling pretty proud of myself. 2 Solo kills in one day. Hell Yah.

I am really getting the hang of this Solo kill thing.

With a kite ship you are very limited as to what you can engage. With the brawler you find solo fights easier and because you last longer in fights you will find that those fights where you would not have engaged because of no tank has now become “well its 50/50 so why not”.

If I can give any advise to newer players its to kite first and brawl second. You learn how a kite ship works and you need very little skills to kite pvp. You are more useful in fleets as a kite ship in the beginning so your ship loses are lowish but it also means you can build up your brawling skills to finally go out knowing more about pvp than you would have when you first became a pilot, which helps.

I have been trying to get a thrasher kill with it. It’s one of my goals. A destroyer with my incursus and I can honestly tell you that I have been super close to it a couple of times. I just need some more time to gain more skills but once that’s done. Thrasher’s beware…

I joined up with the fleet and we had some fun but the 2 solo kills I got were just that cherry on the cake as they say.