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I am but a humble young pirate that would like to bring your attention to two things that need to be investigated.

These things could be big or small but I would like to just bring it to your attention and then after that it’s really up to what you choose to do with this information.

Warp Core Stabs

I have been a pilot of fortune now for just under 6 Months and there is this thing called a warp core stab. It’s been a thorn in my side for some time now. You see I am a pirate and I would like to get solo kills. I don’t know if you have ever gone out to get one yourself but I can tell you from my personal experience that it is a very fun and exciting time to finally hold a kill mail with only you as the sole person doing the killing on it.

The problems with these mails are they are very hard to come by when pilots fit these warp core stab modules on their ships. I will Dscan them in a system to a Faction Warfare plex or even a Hauler at a Planet doing some interaction with the planet. I will warp to them and when I land next to their ship and activate my warp scrambler or warp disruptor my heart starts to rise and I get all giddy in my pod. The mail with me as the sole killer will be in my inbox soon but unfortunately it does not happen.

You see I get no mail. All I get is me pointing the person and then the person warping away. It’s a sinking feeling and a feeling of loss and utter bewilderment that you go through the trouble of trying to prove yourself to your peers as a worthy pirate to come back to your home station and find them laughing at you for not getting a solo kill mail.

I don’t want to be laughed at as a bad solo pilot. I have done everything the academy has trained me to do. I try my best each time but each time I find the same problem with these warp core stab modules. Pilots keep warping away and there is nothing I can do about it.

Now I know that maybe it’s not possible to get rid of them as it will create big problems for hauler pilots and I don’t want to upset them. They help us get things in and out of low security and I will not be happy to lose my belongings to someone like myself at a star gate so maybe just keep them for Hauler’s and Freighters.

Can you please see if it is maybe something to look into? Maybe change so that they can only be fitted to Hauler type ships and not normally Fighting ships. If this is still too much to ask for, then can you please maybe look at just Frigates not being able to have them fitted?

What Ever you can do with this warp core stab modules will be much appreciated by many low security fortune seekers like myself.

This brings me to my next big thing I would like you to investigate for me please.

FW Plexes

You see I live in the war zone of Amarr and Minmitar. It’s a fantastic place for solo hunters like me and I find the plexes are a fantastic place to find other fortune seekers like myself but also FW Ninjas.

You see a Ninja is a person that is never seen until he/she wants to be seen. That’s what makes them Ninjas.

Now there is a module called a cloak. You put it on your ship and you are as soon as you have activated it a ninja. It is amazing because ninjas have to go through years of training to master the art of what you can do in just a push of a button. So the ninja cloak is very cool indeed. I like them.

There is a bit of a problem with these so-called ninja cloaks.

You see again I am trying to get solo kill mails in my inbox but for some reason there are pilots who sit in a plex and when you get close to them will use this ninja cloak to make sure you do not see them in the plex.

I know they are in there because as soon as I warp away they come back on my Dscan. I will warp back thinking that I was maybe a little asleep at the time but as soon as I land outside the plex with an acceleration gate the person will again become a ninja and disappear from my scan.

I have even caught a ninja who was not very good at it, as he did not cloak when he had seen me near him but only cloaked up after I had entered the plex.

Now I know that the point of the cloak is to be like a ninja but if it is only used to leech off loyalty points from plexes while in FW then in my eyes it’s a bit cowardly and I don’t honestly believe the ninja masters would approve of this behaviour.

You see they fought with honour and sitting in a plex and only cloaking up when you spot a person on scan is just well very dis-honourable.

I have thought of a solution to this very interesting problem we have with these so-called fake ninjas.

The plex has a no warp policy. I cannot once inside warp to a member in my fleet. I am happy with this and can see why this is in place. I use it to even lure pilots of misfortune away from their friends for us to then kill them.

Is it possible that you could maybe look into placing a no cloaking distance near the beacon in a plex.

I see these pesky ninjas sit just outside the range of the plex timer and as soon as you land the cloak up thinking they ninjas (which they not) and then will just start running down the timer as soon as you leave.

Is there no way for you to maybe look into making it so the beacon that starts the timer has a 100km no cloak zone?

Keep the timer area of 15-20km around the timer but the cloaking zone is 100km. This will mean that pilots in a plex wanting to make lp will have to burn away fast to 100km to cloak when they see you, giving you time to catch them and also means they can’t just sit on the edge of the timer zone and just be fake ninjas.

I hope you can understand my frustration when I honour 1v1’s and ransoms to find these pilots having no honour in them and what makes things worse is that they are trying to pretend that they are ninjas.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear for you soon.
Eric Shang